Meet the Coach Who Can Transform Your Passion to Money; Ahmad Al-Mutawa

Published March 3rd, 2019 - 11:21 GMT
Courtesy Ahmad Al-Mutawa
Courtesy Ahmad Al-Mutawa

By Deema Khoury

In the last few years, we started seeing new type of coaches across the MENA region. These coaches’ focus not on the strength of your muscles, but on your mental and emotional abilities. The aim? To unleash the powers you didn’t know you have inside you!

Ahmad Al-Mutawa is one of the stars in the business coaching field shining in this region. In addition to helping others pave their career paths, he runs his one of a kind restaurant in Kuwait, he’s the co-founder and CEO of a company that provides a range of solutions for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs.

The talented Ahmad talked to Al Bawaba Business, and showed us how a person can actually “have it all”, in business and life.

1. In the social media world, you’re known as the guru of establishing successful SMEs. But away from work and the social media spotlights, what are the 5 characteristics that describe you the best?

Practical, Social, Energetic, SportFanatic, and Foodie.

Putting it in other words, I’m a morning person who enjoys making his own coffee. I love surfing and the beach life. I’m passionate about traveling, exploring new cultures, and getting to know people’s mentality and perceptions in different parts of the world.

2. In the last few years, we’ve witnessed the birth of life coaching in the Arab world, and various professionals started changing their careers and embracing this new profession. What prompted you to choose business coaching instead of life coaching? And what was your previous profession before becoming one of the icons in this field?

This is a good observation. Well, I believe we need mentorship programs, and developed psychology to help us understand people better so that we can empower them, and assist them in paving their own paths in life.

I think business and life coaching are interconnected, and I do personally merge them in my coaching programs. However, the focus of my programs is on how to transform a person’s passions in life to a successful business.

I started my career working in two companies in Dubai and Kuwait. They were consultant conglomerate; Schlumberger and Fluor Corp.

I didn’t see the person I was aiming to become in this path, and that motivated me to start paving another one. Today, I can say that I’m very glad I took this leap of faith because my passion in life is aligned with what I do for a living, and I’m already reaping its rewards.

3. On your Instagram profile, you describe yourself as a passionate public speaker. What are the elements that ignite your passion in what you do?

The elements are “giving” and “transforming”. Believing that, I have fully dedicated my time to learning every aspect related to transforming people’s lives.

4. How do you nurture your skills and empower yourself on a personal and professional level?

I do that by practising self-discovery exercises consistently, reading, and meeting new innovative people.

5. Kuwait is known as one of the best food destinations with all its boutique restaurants and cafes. How does your restaurant “Burger & Karak” stand out among its competitors?

- Merge the west and east cuisines under one roof

- “Burger & Karak” has 2 different categories based on the time during the day; where it offers breakfast with Karak in the morning, and burgers and salads for the rest of the day.

- “Burger & Karak” is not your ordinary burger place. It’s a diner with a Kuwaiti twist. When establishing my restaurant, I took into consideration the Kuwaiti culture, and people’s mindset when it comes to cafés and restaurants. That led me to choosing the restaurant’s name which resonated with foodies all over the region.


6. Being a business coach, a CEO, an owner of a restaurant, and a social media influencer mean that you have an overwhelming busy schedule. How do you balance between your professional and personal life? What tools do you use to help you manage your time?

I am a delegator by nature. And thanks to the support of my outstanding team, my businesses are thriving, and I can enjoy my personal time carefree.

7. How did social media help you in evolving your personal brand, and your businesses? And do you think you would have made it this far without this powerful tool?

I cannot deny that the social media platforms helped me in delivering my message. However, my content on these platforms is what actually made me succeed. I believe social media tools are a means to an end. And in order to reach your end, you need to share the right content on these tools. Otherwise, these platforms won’t do you any good.

8. Do you believe that every business owner needs a business coach? And why?

Yes, I do believe coaching in general is essential, whether it’s related to life, sport, or business. A coach is supposed to share with you the wisdom you need, and helps you avoid costly mistakes.

9. You’ve been participating recently in summits related to blockchain technology, FinTech, and cryptocurrencies. What is your stand on these new trends? And how will they affect the conventional banking and finance world?

Technology has been one of my passions since childhood. Whether blockchain is here to stay or be replaced by something better, I believe technology will evolve all industries, including financial and banking institutions.

10. What is your advice for young entrepreneurs in the region? 

Always choose what you love over what seems to pay you more; because what you love will give you long term happiness,health, and wealth. Embrace fear and make it your friend.

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