Meet Rashi Chowdhary, the Creator of Healthy Truffles

Published September 25th, 2019 - 12:16 GMT
Courtesy Rashi Chowdhary
Courtesy Rashi Chowdhary

On Instagram, she humbly introduces herself as a “Nutritionist & Diabetes Educator”, and the founder of the mouthwatering healthy truffles you find at Starbucks “Protein Bakeshop”.

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However, Rashi Chowdhary is way more than that! 
Read on to know more about Rashi’s journey in this field, and how she managed to reach this level of success.

1. On Instagram, you're known as the realistic, creative nutritionist and the founder of the heavenly truffles "Protein Bakeshop". Away from the gram's glam, how would you describe yourself?

Wow!This one is always a tough question. I feel like I am constantly evolving, constantly learning more about who I am and what I want to be. So describing myself feels a bit restrictive to me, but I’ll try ?
I am constantly choosing the life I would like to create, and my responses/reactions to life events, and experiences that I might be creating subconsciously. I am always balancing these out.
Many times I find myself torn between two schools of thought: The first is “we create our own destiny”, and the second is “if it’s meant to be, it will be”.
I have learnt to be more accepting of myself regardless of my personal flaws. I am very aware of my flaws, and never shy away from doing what feels right to me. I am intuitive with most of my decisions in life. Hence, how I feel about things is always more important to me than logic and practicality.
I really enjoy painting, jet skiing, gin cocktails and being on the beach. Star gazing feels magical to me and I would always pick that over a night out at a buzzy restaurant.
I have a very close group of friends that I absolutely love and adore, and whom I value my time with. 
I am not a fan of parties and socializing. If I had to attend one, you’ll find me digging myself into my phone trying to hide.
Recently I’ve been gravitating towards the minimalist lifestyle. And since dressing up has never been my thing, don’t be surprised if you saw me wearing a pair of jeans and a well fitted black or white top EVERY single day!

2. As a nutritionist, what urged to create Protein Bakeshop? And why did you choose this specific line of business?

As a nutritionist, I am constantly evaluating the relationship people have with food. I think the way we eat, is the way we live our lives. I truly believe that our belief system about ourselves, our relationships and our life in general play out in the way we choose to eat food.
This might sound over-exaggerated, but if you think about it, you’ll notice that so many people skip going out altogether because of the fear of eating food that will make them “fall off the wagon”. Not forgetting to mention the constant feeling of “I’M NOT ENOUGH” and I need to have a certain body shape / weight to feel OK, always comes out on food in a negative way. As a result, many people are being held back from doing amazing things in life.
At Protein Bake Shop, we aim to improve this relationship people have with food by creating food that loves you back. It’s clean, healthy food that tastes delicious, so you don’t feel guilty every time you give into your cravings or temptations. The truffles and everything we create is meant to be great for peoples’ gut, hormones and overall health.
It started more as a passion project rather than a business. My intention was to help people build a better relationship with sugar. I got very lucky with everything else that followed. There was a need for this sort of food too, and since no one was doing something similar back then, we had first mover advantage.

3. Establishing a business is a challenge by itself, let alone establishing it at a young age. What was the biggest challenge you have faced back then? And how did you overcome it?

Oh where do I start! First was the taste! Some of my closest people hated my product because this whole gluten free/ dairy free is only a trend right now. Back then there was only whole wheat biscuits, whole wheat muffins and sugar free cupcakes. That was considered healthy then. So offering something to people with almond flour, coconut flour and whey protein wasn’t easy at all. All of this is an acquired taste and people’s food pallets have matured significantly over time. To be honest, no one liked it in the beginning. Aside from me, the one other person who loved what I was creating was Saad Umerani, who is now the CEO and co founder of Protein Bake shop. He was the only one who believed in my vision and helped me expand it. Once he got involved, we realized the biggest challenge was that we were providing our customers with too many options, so we finally got it down to the current six offerings. In fact it, is just one product “Protein truffles “ and we have 6 flavors. To start with, I had cash flow and wastage issue, which are now sorted, thankfully. Another main obstacle was educating my audiences, as Protein Bake shop was the exact opposite of their nutritional education. But once they experienced eating this way, there was really no going back to the “old patterns”.

4. Social media has become an essential element in any brand's marketing strategy due to its effectiveness and efficiency. How did social media help in evolving your personal brand, and Protein Bakeshop?

5 years ago, all new business benefited from Facebook Ads, and I was lucky in this department. I had no team to manage any of this. I handled Facebook, Instagram all by myself because honestly, the algorithms  were so simple and easy to understand. For Protein Bakeshop, I had to do ads, a lot of them on Facebook which gave me guaranteed conversions. On Instagram it’s been easy because I use it as a channel to educate people and connect with them, especially the ones who suffered from the same hormonal issues I did. I also don’t do any sort of endorsements/ promotions, but a lot of influencers do this organically, and I think that has a lot to do with brand building as well. Using social media with the intention to educate and inform rather than sell and convert always helps.

5. Protein Bakeshop was "baked" in 2013. What would you do differently if you had the opportunity to go back in time?

Honestly it’s been such a joyful ride, and I am extremely happy and grateful with where we are right now. So if I would go back in time I wouldn’t change anything at all!
We are here today only because of all the mistakes we made back then, so I really can’t think of changing anything.

6. As an entrepreneur, what is your number one key to success?

This is something I’ve learnt from my co-founder Saad, and I’m going to quote him:“Fail fast. It’s OK to fail because that’s the only way you learn and move forward. So don’t fear failure and fail fast.”

7. A successful person like yourself is not a person who doesn't fall, but a person who knows how to rise after each fall. How do you stay motivated when you hit a bump in your career path?

It took me a while to get here, but I really believe in a higher power, higher energy and my higher self that knows better than I do. So every time I feel something is not going my way or how I imagined it, I just come back to the moment, breathe and become aware of that higher energy. It makes me remember that life is always working for me and not against me.
I read this somewhere and it just stuck with me. If something as small as a snowflake can be so perfect, then how can anything go wrong with our lives. There’s always a bigger better plan but the key is to be OK, and to be at peace with is playing out right now.

8. You share a lot of delicious, healthy recipes on Instagram. Would you mind sharing the ingredients of your success recipe with our ambitious audience? ?

Success is relative. For me, success is living a life I cast no judgment neither myself nor others. Not being attached to material things, titles and practicing nonresistance to all life events.  The closer I get to living a life with these principles the more successful I feel ?

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