Morocco Tourist Numbers Hit Record Levels in 2016

Published June 19th, 2017 - 11:09 GMT
Tourism remains a vital pillar of the Moroccan economy. (Pixabay)
Tourism remains a vital pillar of the Moroccan economy. (Pixabay)

The total number of tourists who visited Morocco in March was 762,562, an increase of 3.7 percent compared to the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicraft and Social Economy. This increase was underpinned by the surge of the GCC tourists visiting Morocco during the same period.

Khadija El Idrissi, Director of Communication and Public Relations at Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort stated that the profound increase in GCC tourist was mainly due to the higher spending power of GCC families as well as the number of persons in each family.

“Morocco is fast witnessing an increase in travellers from the Gulf. The increased number of air links between the two regions, the cost-effective prices offered by the country and the high disposal incomes of the people have encouraged more GCC tourists to visit this part of the world,” said El Idrissi.

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort is one of Morocco’s most preferred tourist destinations. With a beautiful coast on one side, and a forest on the other, the resort is a perfect retreat for discerning travellers.

“GCC is a key market for Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort. As such, we are committed to designing unique tourism strategies that appeal to families and individuals alike. Our accommodation and entertainment options match European quality at better prices and with excellent climate throughout the year, the resort is a favourite destination of many tourists. In addition, the easy travel logistics and attractive packages make Mazagan a hit with the GCC visitors,” added El Idrissi.

Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort has always been the preferred destination for tourists from GCC because of its special characteristics that combine the magic of the East with the European beauty. Additionally, Mazagan Resort is a leading exhibition and a conference destination in North Africa region. The resort also offers to businessmen and their families exceptional entertaining stays where parents can have their own space, while their children enjoy their time in three dedicated clubs which are 'Baby Club', 'Kids Club' and 'Club Rush'. The resort incorporates a stunning spa offering relaxation treatments and much more.

Tourism remains a vital pillar of the Moroccan economy and the country’s second biggest employer, after agriculture. The sector accounts for 10 per cent of national income and, along with exports and remittances from Moroccans overseas; it is one of the country’s main sources of foreign currency. A record number of 10.4 million tourists visited the kingdom in 2016 and the government is confident that the positive momentum will continue in years to come.

In addition, it has been noted that the growing trend by Muslims to travel during the fasting period will see destinations in the Middle East region become the most attractive by 2023 according to data and analysis from the inaugural MasterCard-Crescent Rating Ramadan Travel Report 2016. A total of 50 destinations across the globe were analysed in the study and benchmarked across three criteria – average daytime temperature, fasting duration and Global Muslim Travel Index 2016 scores – over the next 15 years until 2030. With Ramadan set to take place in cooler months from 2023, destinations as Morocco would lead the tourism industry.

“Over the past few years, Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort has stepped up its efforts to grow the number of GCC tourists visiting the country. As one of the most striking resorts in the world, Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort is perfect to keep visitors engaged and captivated for days with its world-class offerings. Any traveller who’s stayed or explored this scintillating combination of beauty and comfort will acknowledge that Mazagan Resort is one place that offers a classic experience of excellent food, timely service and a royal atmosphere,” concluded El Idrissi.

By Matthew Amlot

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