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O&M — Operations and Maintenance 

OAM&P — Operations, Administration, Management and Provisioning 

OB — Outside Broadcasting 

OC-n — Optical Carrier at Level n 

OCR — Optical Character Recognition 

ODA — Office Document Architecture 

ODBC — Open Data Base Connectivity 

ODI — Open Data link Interface 

ODL — Object Description Language 

OECD — Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 

OEIC — Opto-electronic Integrated Circuit 

OFDM — Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex 

OFM — Optical Frequency Multiplexing 

OFR — Off Frequency Rejection 

OIR — Organisation internationale de radiodiffusion 

OLE — Object Linking and Embedding 

OLI — Optical Line Inlet 

OLO — Optical Line Outlet 

Om — Oman Country domain IP abbreviation 

OMC — Operations and Maintenance Center 

OMR — Optical Mark Reader 

ONP — Open Network Provision 

ONT — Tunisia's Office National de Télédiffusion 

OOS — Out of Service  

OPS — Open Profiling Standard 

OQPSK — Offset QPSK 

OR — Off-Route 

ORA — Opportunities for IT&T in Rural Areas  

ORB — Orbit (used in the designation of certain WARCs) 

ORSTOM — Organisation de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique d’Outre- Mer 

OS — Operating System  

OSCAR — Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio 

OSI — Open Systems Interconnect Model 

OSP — Operation Service Provider 

OSS — Open Source Software 

OSS — Operations Support Systems 

OSTA — Optical Storage Technology Association 

OTC — Oman Telecommunications Company, Sultanate of Oman 

OTH — Over-the-Horizon 

OTP — Open Trading Protocol 

OTR 100 — Initial Work plan for the RACE Main Program 

OTR 200 — Revised Work plan for the RACE Main Program 

OTR 300 — Draft Work plan for RACE Extension 

OVS — Open Video System 

Pa — Panama Country domain IP abbreviation 

PABX — Private Automatic Branch Exchange 

PAD — Packet assembler and disassembler 

PAL — Phase Alternation Line (color TV standard) 

PalTel — Palestine Telecommunications Company  

PAN — Personal Area Network 

PAN — Public-Access Network 

PASCAL — Programming Language Named for Blaise Pascal 

PBX — Private branch exchange 

PC — Personal Computer 

PC — Plenipotentiary Conference (ITU) 

PCIA — Personal Communications Industry Association (USA) 

PCL — Printer Control Language 

PCM — Pulse Code Modulation 

PCMCIA card — Personal Computer Memory Card International Association  

PCN — Personal Communications Network 

PCP — Private Carrier Paging 

PCS — Personal Communication Space 

PCS — Personal Communication System 

PCS — Personal Communications Services 

PCU — Packet Control Unit  

PD — Public Domain 

PDA — Personal Digital Assistant 

PDC — Personal Digital Cellular 

PDC — Personal Digital Communication 

PDF — Portable Document Format 

PDF — Probability Density Function 

PDH — Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy 

PDL — Page Description Language 

PDM — Product Data Management 

PDN — Private data network 

PDS — Premises Distribution System 

Pe — Peru Country domain IP abbreviation 

PEAN — Pan-European ATM Network 

PEM — Privacy Enhanced Mail 

PET — Planning Exercise in Telecommunications technologies (forerunner of RACE) 

Pf — Polynesia (Fr.) Country domain IP abbreviation 

PFCC — Paper Feed Control Character 

PFD — Power Flux Density (usually dBs[watts.m-2]) 

Pg — Papua New Guinea Country domain IP abbreviation 

PGML — Precision Graphics Markup Language 

PGP — Pretty Good Privacy 

Ph — Philippines Country domain IP abbreviation 

PHP — Personal Handyphone System digital cordless phone standard (Japanese) 

PHS — Personal Handyphone System  

PHY — Physical layer 

PI — Programming Infrastructure 

PIC — Primary Inter exchange Carrier 

PIO — Programming Input/Output 

Pixel — Smallest area of a television picture 

PJSC — Dubai Investments PJSC, UAE  

Pk — Pakistan Country domain IP abbreviation 

PKI — Public Key Infrastructure 

Pl — Poland Country domain IP abbreviation 

PL — Project Line 

PLB — Picture Level Benchmark 

PLC — Programmable Logic Control(ler) 

PLD — Programmable Logic Device 

PLL — Phase locked loop  

PLM — Programming Language Microprocessor 

PLMN — Public Land Mobile Network 

PLMRS — Public land mobile radio service 

PLT — Power Line Telecommunications 

Pm — Saint Pierre And Miquelon Country domain IP abbreviation 

PMO — Program Management Office  

PMN — Private Mobile Network 

PMN — Public Mobile Network 

PMP — Point-to-multipoint 

PMR — Private Mobile Radio 

PMR — Professional Mobile Radio 

PN — Permanent Nucleus created by CEPT for the RACE Definition Phase 

Pn — Pitcairn Country domain IP abbreviation 

PN — Pseudorandom Noise 

PNG — Portable Network Graphics 

PNO — Public Network Operators 

PnP — Plug and Play 

PNPRM — Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FCC term) 

POFS — Private Operational Fixed Service 

PON — Passive Optical Network 

POP — Point of presence 

POP — Post Office Protocol 

POP3 — Post office protocol 3 

POST — Power On Self Test 

POTS — Plain Ordinary Telephone Service 

PP — Point-to-point 

PP — Pilot Project 

PPARC — Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (GB) 

PPTP — Point to Point Tunneling Protocol 

Pr — Puerto Rico (US) Country domain IP abbreviation 

PRA — Primary rate access 

PRI — Primary Rate Interface 

PROM — Programmable Read Only Memory 

PROMISE — Multi-annual Community program to stimulate the establishment of the IS in Europe 

PSDN — Packet Switched Data Network 

PSK — Phase Shift Keying 

PSN — People with Special Needs 

PSN — Processor Serial Number 

PSN — Public Switched Network 

PSPDN — Packet Switching Public Data Network 

PSTN — Public Switched Telephone\Telecommunications Network 

Pt — Portugal Country domain IP abbreviation 

PT — Project Team 

PTB — Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (D) 

PTC — Pacific Telecommunications Council 

PTC — Public Telecommunications Corporation, Yemen  

PTN — Public Telecommunications Network  

PTO — Public Telecommunications Operator  

PTT — Post, Telegraph, Telephone (i.e. government ministry for -) 

PTT — Post, telephone and telegraph Ministry 

PVC — Permanent Virtual Circuits 

PVN — Private Virtual Networks 

PVP — Permanent Virtual Paths 

Pw — Palau Country domain IP abbreviation 

PWAP — Private Wide Area Paging 

Py — Paraguay Country domain IP abbreviation 

Qa — Qatar Country domain IP abbreviation 

QAM — Quadratic Amplitude Modulation 

QAM — Quadrature amplitude modulation 

QMS — Quality Micro Systems 

QoS — Quality of Service in a communications system  

QPSK — Quadratic Phase Shift Keying 

QPSK-C — Quadratic Phase Shift Keying Compatible 

Q-Tel — Qatar Telecom QSC 

R&D — Research & Development 

RA — Radio Astronomy Service (ITU) 

RA — Radiocommunication Assembly (ITU) 

RA — Radiocommunications Agency (GB) 

RACE — R&D in Advanced Communications for Europe 

RADAR — Radio Detecting and Ranging 

RADINT — Radar Intelligence  

RADIUS — Remote Authentication Dial In User Service 

RAG — Radiocommunication Advisory Group (ITU) 

RAM — Random Access Memory 

RAMDAC — Random Access Memory Digital to Analog Converter 

RARC — Regional Administrative Radio Conference (ITU) 

RARE — Reseaux Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne 

RAS — Radio Astronomy Service 

RAS — Royal Astronomical Society (GB) 

RB — Radiocommunication Bureau (ITU) 

RBOC — Regional Bell Operating Company 

RC — Reference Configuration 

RCO — Race Central Office 

RD — Radiodetermination Service 

RD&E — Research, Development and Engineering 

RD&T — Research, Development and Technology 

RDBMS — Relational Database Management System 

RDF — Resource Description Framework 

RDO — Remote Data Objects 

RDP — RACE Definition Phase 

RDR — Rijksdienst voor Radiocommunicatie (NL) 

RDS — Radiodetermination Service 

RDSS — Radio Determination Satellite Service 

Re — Reunion (Fr.) Country domain IP abbreviation 

REC — Recommendation 

REFER — Reseau Français de la Recherche 

REGTP — Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post (D) 

REXX — Restructured Extended Executor 

RF — Radio Frequencies 

RFI — Radio Frequency Interference 

RFID — Radio Frequency Identification 

RGB — Red, Blue, and Green 

RHC — Right Hand Circular 

RHCP — Right Hand Circular Polarization  

RIC — RACE Industrial Consortium 

RIN — Royal Institute of Navigation (GB) 

RIO — Remote Input/Output 

RIO Reseau Intertropical d’Ordinateurs 

RIP — Raster Image Processor 

RIP — Routing Information Protocol 

RIPE — Reseau Internet Protocol Europeen 

RIS — Radiocommunication Information Systems Department (ITU) 

RISC — Reduced Instruction Set Computer 

RISE — RD&T in Integrated Service Engineering 

RL — Radiolocation Service 

R-LAN — Radio Local Area Network 

RLP — Radio link protocol 

RLS — Radiolocation Service 

RMC — RACE Management Committee 

RN — Radionavigation Service 

RNS — Radionavigation Service 

RNSS — Radionavigation-Satellite Service 

Ro — Romania Country domain IP abbreviation 

ROM — Read Only Memory 

RP — Roaming Partner 

RPC — Remote Procedure Call 

RPM — Rate per minute  

RR — (Working Group) Radio Regulations (ERC) 

RR — ITU-R Radio Regulations (ITU) 

RRB — Radio Regulations Board (ITU) 

RSC — Root Server Confederation 

RSS — Received signal strength 

RSSI — Received signal strength indicator 

RTAGS — Radio Tags 

RTC — Real Time Clock 

RTC — Regional Tele Center  

RTCA — Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (USA) 

RTD — Research, Technological development and Demonstration 

RTI — Real Time Interface 

RTMS — Radio Telephone Mobile System 

RTS — Regional Tele Server 

RTS — Reliable Transfer Services 

RTSC — Regional Telematic Service Center 

RTT — Radio Transmission Technology 

RTT — Road Transport Telematics 

RTTE — Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (Directive) 

RTTT — Road Transport & Traffic Telematics 

Ru — Russian Federation Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

Rw — Rwanda Country domain IP abbreviation 

S/N — Signal to noise ratio 

Sa — Saudi Arabia Country domain IP abbreviation 

SAB — Services Ancillary to Broadcasting 

SABRE — Code name for Texas Instrument's ATM physical layer line interface  

SAN — Storage Area Network 

SAPI — Service access point identifier 

SAR — Search and Rescue 

SAR — Segmentation and reassembly 

SAR — Synthetic Aperture Radar 

SARP — ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices 

SARSAT — Satellite-Aided Search and Rescue Project 

SAT — Satellite 

SATCOM — Satellite Communications (USA) 

Sb — Solomon Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

SBS — Strict Band Segmentation 

Sc — Seychelles Country domain IP abbreviation 

SC — Special Committee on Regulatory/Procedural Matters (ITU) 

SCAR — Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research 

SCC — Specialized Common Carrier 

SCOPE — Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment 

SCOSTEP — Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics 

SCPC — Single Channel Per Carrier 

SCPT — Single channel per transponder 

SCSI — Small Computer Systems Interface 

SCT — Scientific Committee on Telecommunications (URSI)  

Sd — Sudan Country domain IP abbreviation 

S-DAB — Satellite Digital Audio Broadcasting 

SDH — Synchronous Digital Hierarchy network 

SDK — Software Developer's Kit 

SDLC — Synchronous Data Link Control 

SDM — Space Division Multiplex 

SDSL — Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line 

SDX — Simulation Data Exchange 

SE — (Working Group) Spectrum Engineering (ERC) 

Se — Sweden Country domain IP abbreviation 

SECAM — Sequentiel à memoire (french colour TV standard) 

SER — Special Emergency Radio 

SERC — Science and Engineering Council (GB) 

SES — Satellite Earth Stations and Systems 

SES — Ship Earth Station 

SES — Societe Europeanne des Satellites 

SESC — Space Environment Service Center 

SET — Secure Electronic Transaction 

SETI — Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence 

SFCG — Space Frequency Coordination Group 

SFL — Simple Frame Language 

SFS — Standard Frequency and Time Signal Service 

SFTSS — Standard Frequency and Time Signal-Satellite Service 

Sg — Singapore Country domain IP abbreviation 

SGLS — Space-Groundlink Subsystem 

SGML — Standard Generalized Markup Language 

SGRAM — Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory 

SGSN — Serving GPRS Support Node  

Sh — Saint Helena Country domain IP abbreviation 

SHF — Super High Frequency (3 to 30 GHz) 

Si — Slovenia Ex-Yugoslavia Country domain IP abbreviation 

SID — System Identifier  

SIGINT — Signal Intelligence  

SIM — Subscriber Identity Module 

SIMM — Single In line Memory Module 

SIO — Services in operation  

SIPP — Single Inline Pin Package 

SITE — Satellite Instructional Television Experiment 

Sj — Svalbard And Jan Mayen Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

Sk — Slovak Republic Country domain IP abbreviation 

Sl — Sierra Leone Country domain IP abbreviation 

SLA — Service Level Agreement 

SLC — Subscriber Line Charge 

SLD — Second Level Domain 

SLIC — Subscriber line interface circuit 

SLIP — Serial Line Internet Protocol 

Sm — San Marino Country domain IP abbreviation 

SMART — Strategy for Mobile Advanced Radio Telecommunications 

SMATV — Satellite Master Antenna Television 

SMDS — Switched multi megabit data service 

SME — Small and Medium size Enterprise 

SMR — Specialized mobile radio service 

SMS — Shielded Message Service 

SMS — Short Message Service 

SMS — Short Message System 

SMS — Storage Management System 

SMTP — Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 

Sn — Senegal Country domain IP abbreviation 

SDNP/UNCTAD — Sustainable Development Network Program (United Nations) 

SNG — Satellite News Gathering 

SNMP — Simple Network Management Protocol  

So — Somalia Country domain IP abbreviation 

SO — Space Operation Service 

SOG-ITS — Senior Officials Group for Information Technology Standards 

SOGT — Senior Officials Group for Telecommunications 

SOHO — Small Office, Home Office 

SOLAS — Safety of Life at Sea 

SONET — Synchronous Optical Network 

SOS — Space Operation Service 

SOTETEL — Societe Tunisienne d'Entreprise de Telecommunications 

SP — Service Provider  

SPA — Software Publishers Association 

SPAC — Spectrum Planning and Advisory Committee (USA) 

SPAG — Standards Promotion and Application Group 

S-PCS — Satellite Personal Communication Services 

SPDL — Standard Page Description Language 

SPEC — Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation 

SPFD — Spectral Power Flux Density (dB[Watts.m-2.Hz-1]) 

SPS — Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (USA) 

SPV — Supervisor 

SQL — Structured Query Language 

SR — Space Research 

Sr — Suriname Country domain IP abbreviation 

SRAM — Static Random Access Memory 

SRBR — Short Range Business Radio 

SRD — Short Range Device 

SRS — Space Research Service 

SS — Single Sided 

SS — Spread spectrum  

SS7 — Signaling System 7  

SSB — Space Science Board (of the US NAS) 

SSC — Swedish Space Corporation 

SSDD — Single Sided Double Density 

SSL — Secure Socket Layer 

SSPA — Solid State Power Amplifier  

SSR — Secondary Surveillance Radar 

SSR — Surface Search Radar 

St — Sao Tome And Principe Country domain IP abbreviation 

ST — Software Technologies 

STAR — Science & Technology Program for less Advanced Regions 

STAR — Special Telecommunication Action for Regional Development 

STAX — Standardization Reference Database 

STC — Saudi Telecommunications Company 

STD — Synchronous Time Division 

STE — Syrian Telecommunications Establishment 

STEM — Strategic Telecommunication Evaluation Model 

STM — Synchronous Transfer Mode 

STS — Synchronous Transport Signal at Level n 

STS-n — Synchronous Transport Signal at Level n 

STV — Subscription Television 

Su — Soviet Union Country domain IP abbreviation 

Sudatel — Sudan Telecommunications Company Ltd, Sudan 

Sv — El Salvador Country domain IP abbreviation 

SW — Software 

Sy — Syria Country domain IP abbreviation 

Sz — Swaziland Country domain IP abbreviation 

TA — Terminal Adapter 

TABD — TransAtlantic Business Dialogue 

TACAN — Tactical Air Navigation System 

TACD — TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue 

TACS — Total Access Communication System 

TAG — Technical Advisory Group 

TAI — Temps Atomique International 

TAL — Tandem Application Language 

TAPC — Terrestrial Aeronautical Public Correspondence = TFTS 

TAPI — Telephony Application Program Interface 

TASBI — TransAtlantic Small Business Initiative 

TBR — Technical Base for Regulation (ETSI) 

TBP — Technologies for Business Processes 

Tc — Turks And Caicos Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

TC1 — Telecom 1 (French Telecommunications Satellite) 

TCM — Time compression modulation 

TCM — Time compression multiplexing 

TCP — Transmission Control Protocol  

TCP/IP — Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol  

TCU — Transmission Control Unit 

Td — Chad Country domain IP abbreviation 

TDA — Tele Diffusion of Algeria (Algeria Broadcasting) 

T-DAB — Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting 

TDD — Time Division Duplex 

TDF — Telediffusion de France (F) 

TDM — Time Division Multiplexing 

TDMA — Time Division Multiple Access system 

TDRS — Tracking and Data Relay Satellite 

TDRSS — Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System 

TDWR — Terminal Doppler Weather Radar 

TE — Techno-economic Evaluation 

TE — Telecom Egypt Company 

TE — Terminal Equipment 

TE&DA — Techno-economic Evaluation & Demand Analysis 

TEAM — Techno-economic ad hoc meeting (group) 

TED — Tenders Electronic Daily System 

TEDIS — Trade Electronic Data Interchange Systems 

Teletext — Textual and graphic information broadcast 

Telnet — A terminal emulator for logging onto servers across the internet 

TEN — Trans-European telecommunication Networks 

TEP — Transatlantic Economic Partnership 

TEP — Telephone Expansion Project 

TeT — Techno-economic oriented Tools 

TETRA — Terrestrial Trunked Radio  

TETRA — Trans European Trunked Radio 

Tf — French Southern Territories Country domain IP abbreviation 

TFT — Thin Film Transistor 

TFTP — Trivial File Transfer Protocol 

TFTS — Terrestrial Flight Telephone System (= APC) 

TG — Task Group (ITU) 

Tg — Togo Country domain IP abbreviation 

Th — Thailand Country domain IP abbreviation 

THEO — Twelve Hours Excentric Orbit  

TI — Texas Instruments 

Tj — Tadjikistan Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

Tk — Tokelau Country domain IP abbreviation 

TLD — Top Level Domain 

TLSI — Tracing Lost and Stolen Items 

Tm — Turkmenistan Ex USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

TMC — Third Mediterranean Countries 

TMN — Telecommunication Management Network (ITU) 

TMO — Trunked Mode Operation 

Tn — Tunisia Country domain IP abbreviation 

To — Tonga Country domain IP abbreviation 

ToR — Terms of Reference 

TOVS — TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder (NOAA) 

Tp — East Timor Country domain IP abbreviation 

TPAML — Trading Partner Agreement Markup Language 

TPC — Transmitter Power Control 

TPS — Transactions Per Second 

Tr — Turkey Country domain IP abbreviation 

TRRL — Tactical Radio Link 

TRS — Telecommunications Relay Service 

TS — Traffic Station 

TSAG — Technical Standardization Advisory Group (ITU) 

TSLI — Tracing Stolen and Lost Items 

TSR — Terminate and Stay Resident 

TT — Text Telephone 

TT — Turk Telekom 

Tt — Trinidad And Tobago Country domain IP abbreviation 

TT — Tunisie Telecom, Tunisia 

TTAC — Telemetry tracking and control 

TTC — Tracking, telemetry, and command 

TTnet — National Internet infrastructure of Turk Telekom 

TTS — Text to Speech 

TV — TeleVision 

Tv — Tuvalu Country domain IP abbreviation 

TVRO — Television Receive Only Earth Station 

Tw — Taiwan Country domain IP abbreviation 

TWX — Teletypewriter Exchange Service 

Tz — Tanzania Country domain IP abbreviation 

Ua — Ukraine Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

UAPT — Union of African Post- and Telecommunication 

UART — Universal serial receiver transmitter 

UBI — Universalise Bidirectionnalite Interactivite 

UDP — User Datagram Protocol 

Ug — Uganda Country domain IP abbreviation 

UHF — Ultra High Frequency (300 to 3000 MHz) 

UI — User Interface  

UIC — International Union of Railways 

Uk — United Kingdom Country domain IP abbreviation 

ULSI — Ultra Large Scale Integration 

Um — United States Minor Outlying Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

UMTS — Universal Mobile Telephone\Telecommunications System 

UNCTAD — United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 

UNDP — United Nations Development Program 

UNESCO — United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization 

UNI — User to Network Interface 

UNIX — Uniplexed Information and Computer Systems 

UNO — United Nations Organization 

UNTPDC — United Nations Trade Point Development Center 

UPC — Universal Product Code 

UPT — Universal Personal Telecommunications 

URL — Uniformed Resource Locator 

URM — Usage Reference Model 

URSI — Union Radio Scientifique International 

Us — United States Country domain IP abbreviation 

USAT — Ultra-Small Aperture Terminals 

USB — Universal Serial Bus 

USR — US Robotics, Inc 

UT — Universal Time 

UTC — Coordinated Universal Time 

UTRA — UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access 

UWB — Ultra Wide Band 

Uy — Uruguay Country domain IP abbreviation 

Uz — Uzbekistan Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

VA — Value Added (Services) 

Va — Vatican City State Country domain IP abbreviation 

VAN — Value Added Network 

VAN — Virtual Area Network 

VAR — Value Added Reseller 

VAS — Value Added Services 

VB — Visual Basic 

VBI — Vertical Blanking Interval 

VBN — Vorlaufer Breitband Netz (German advanced broadband network) 

VBR — Variable Bitrate 

Vc — Saint Vincent And Grenadines Country domain IP abbreviation 

VCO — Voice Carry Over 

VCR — Video Cassette Recorder 

VDLS — Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line 

Ve — Venezuela Country domain IP abbreviation 

VESA — Video Electronics Standards Association 

Vg — Virgin Islands (British) Country domain IP abbreviation 

VGA — Video Graphics Adapter 

VGE — Voluntary Group of Experts (ITU) 

VHDL — Very High level Design Language 

VHF — Very High Frequency 

VHF — Very High Frequency (30 to 300 MHz) 

VHLL — Very High Level Language 

Vi — Virgin Islands (Us) Country domain IP abbreviation 

VLA — Very Large Array (USA) 

VLBA — Very Long Baseline Array (USA) 

VLBI — Very Long Baseline Interferometry 

VLF — Very Low Frequency (3 to 30 kHz) 

VLSI — Very Large Scale Integration 

Vn — Vietnam Country domain IP abbreviation 

VoIP — Voice Over IP 

VOR — VHF Omnidirectional Range 

VORAD — Vehicle On-Board Radar 

VPN — Virtual Private Networks 

VQC — Vector Quatization Coding 

VRM — Voltage Regulator Module 

VRML — Virtual Reality Modeling Language 

VS — Voice Script 

VSAT — Very-Small Aperture Terminal 

VTR — Video Tape Recorder 

VTS — Vessel Traffic System 

Vu — Vanuatu Country domain IP abbreviation 

W3C — World Wide Web Consortium 

WAH — Web Application Hosting 

WAN — Wide Area Network 

WAN — Wide Area Network 

WAP — Wireless Application Protocol 

WARC — World Administrative Radio Conference (ITU) 

Warez — Pirated software for download 

WATS — Wide Area Telecommunications Services 

WBDTS — Wide Band Data Transmission System 

WCDMA — Wide Band CDMA 

W-CDMA — Wideband Code Division Multiple Access 

WD — Western Digital 

WDM — Wavelength-Division Multiplex 

Wf — Wallis And Futuna Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

WG — Working Group 

WGFM — Working Group Frequency Management (CEPT) 


WHO — World Health Organization 

WiLL — Motorola's trademarked name for wireless local loop 

WIPO — World Intellectual Property Organization 

WL — Wireless  

WLAN — Wireless local area network 

WLL — Wireless Local Loop 

WML — Wireless Markup Language 

WMO — World Meteorological Organization 

WO — Write Once 

WORM — Write Once, Read Many 

WP — Work package 

WP — Work program 

WP — Working Party 

WRC — World Radiocommunication Conference (ITU) 

Ws — Samoa Country domain IP abbreviation 

WS — Workstation 

WSRT — Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (NL) 

WTDC — World Telecommunication Development Conference (ITU) 

WTO — World Trade Organization 

WTP — Wireless Transaction Protocol 

WTPF — World Telecommunication Policy Forum (ITU) 

WTSC — World Telecommunication Standardization Conference (ITU) 

WWW — World Wide Web 

X — Compact Disc Access Time 

X25 — An established packet switched technology  

XFDL — Extensible Forms Description Language 

XML — Extensible Markup Language 

XQL — XML Query Language 

YAHOO — Yet Another Hierarchical Organized Oracle 

Ye — Yemen Country domain IP abbreviation 

Yu — Yugoslavia Country domain IP abbreviation 

Za — South Africa Country domain IP abbreviation 

Zm — Zambia Country domain IP abbreviation 

Zr — Zaire Country domain IP abbreviation 

Zw — Zimbabwe Country domain IP abbreviation 

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