The Outdoor Ideas We Are Yet to See Trending Post the Pandemic

Published May 17th, 2020 - 02:00 GMT
The Outdoor Ideas We Are Yet to See Trending Post the Pandemic
Shoppers exit a mostly empty mall where several stores have reopened for the first time in Columbus, OH. (MATTHEW HATCHER / GETTY IMAGES via AFP )

If your country hasn't lifted most of the lockdown restrictions during the day time yet, then it will very soon.

As we learn that we might have to live with the novel coronavirus a little longer than anticipated, especially after the World Health Organization and several health professionals have warned that they might never be an effective vaccine to end the pandemic, the world prepares for a new outdoors life.

Under economic pressure that has been shrinking even the world's strongest economies within three months of almost complete lockdown, the need to resume life with precautionary measures proves to be more needed than ever. This is why governments are laying out new reopening plans that ensure a safe return despite the risk of a second wave.

The longer it takes to find the ultimate drug of vaccine for COVID-19, the more we realize our need to resume all daily activities including those perceived as unnecessary leisure ones, such as going out, shopping, dining in restaurants, and even traveling.

However, the need to take every possible prevention measure remains a priority for both individuals excited to carry out fun activities and go outside and to business owners looking forward to making up for their losses over the Spring.

Face masks and plastic gloves in addition to hand washing stations are being especially stressed by experts. The importance of wearing different parts of protective attire has forced many countries to mandate wearing them on all individuals leaving their houses and fining those who ignore such instructions.

This wide-spread regulation has pushed many vending machine operators to provide face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers in their stations.

Vending machines in the UK, Germany, China, Singapore, and India have reported distributing millions of face masks so far, many have been made available for free to encourage unprivileged people who can't afford them on a daily basis to wear them.

Non-grocery shopping is also expected to see a rise in sales as people start to leave their houses daily. Yet, several countries have instructed retailers, especially in the clothing industry to ban using fitting rooms until further notice and to halt on their returning and exchanging policies, hoping that such decisions will limit the viral outbreak.

Moreover, shoppers should expect to be denied entry to some shopping centers as rules allowing only a limited number of people in at a time are expected to be extended at least over the next few months, which suggest that people should try to make their shopping trips as quick as possible and to avoid rush hours.

Temperature checks are another crucial measure when it comes to preventing the widespread of the coronavirus. From now on, we should expect to be stopped several times a day by health workers to pass a quick, yet important part of the reopening process.

While recreation centers remain closed in most countries despite orders of reopening, movie theaters are taking a whole new shape, as drive-in cinemas start to trend.

Yesterday, VOX Cinemas has announced Duba's first drive-in movie theater at the Mall of the Emirates, attracting many movie enthusiasts who will finally be able to enjoy their favorite activity, safely!

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