Over 1,000 Vacancies Available in Bahrain

Published September 25th, 2019 - 10:00 GMT
The government stepped up efforts to improve job prospects for Bahrainis earlier this year.
The government stepped up efforts to improve job prospects for Bahrainis earlier this year. (Shutterstock)
A total of 1,300 jobs are up for grabs at the career fair

Efforts to find jobs for Bahrainis are continuing with more than 1,000 vacancies on offer at a recruitment fair.

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Positions offering salaries ranging from BD300 to BD2,000 are being showcased during the event, which is being held at the Labour and Social Development Ministry, in Zayed Town.

A total of 1,300 jobs are up for grabs at the career fair, which started yesterday and continues today from 8am to 1pm.

They include 800 positions being offered by 60 private sector companies, as well as another 500 vacancies available through the ministry’s ongoing employment scheme.

“I’m extremely happy with the success of these exhibitions at attracting jobseekers, either those who are unemployed or seeking better employment and training opportunities,” said Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel Humaidan, who opened the career fair yesterday.

“Job exhibitions are one of the most successful initiatives undertaken by the ministry and they will continue and improve.

“Those who doubt the results of these fairs need to come see the transparency of the entire process for themselves.”

The government stepped up efforts to improve job prospects for Bahrainis earlier this year.

A National Employment Programme launched in February specifically aims to encourage more Bahrainis to enter the private sector.

Bahrainis have traditionally preferred to work in the public sector, which has a reputation for better salaries.

However, authorities are seeking to reduce the public sector payroll as part of a cost-cutting programme, which has so far seen more than 8,000 civil servants opt for early retirement.

Last month it was announced that the National Employment Programme had resulted in 11,649 Bahrainis being hired in the first half of the year.

Job fairs that focus on getting more Bahrainis into the workforce remain a key part of the government’s strategy.

“During the last four job fairs, we managed to hire around 1,250 jobseekers during the exhibitions – and the rest of the positions were filled after its conclusion,” said the minister.

“We are optimistic that no less than 500 jobseekers will be hired during this exhibition, with the rest of the positions being filled later.”

In August the government said the unemployment rate stood at 3.8 per cent.

Mr Humaidan yesterday urged those seeking work to not only apply for jobs, but also take advantage of free training opportunities offered by the government to make them more attractive to potential employers.

The importance of the free training programmes was also emphasised by Shura Council member Nancy Khedouri, who was among dignitaries to visit the jobs fair yesterday.

“Training programmes are offered free of charge for each and every unemployed citizen,” said Ms Khedouri, who is also a member of the Shura Council’s youth affairs committee

“It’s extremely impressive and it can cost the ministry BD3,000 to BD5,000 per citizen to train them in soft and specific skills.

“This skill building will result in citizens finding better jobs and I personally encourage all unemployed citizens to take advantage of these training programmes, facilitated by the ministry.


“They will still receive unemployment benefit, but can train and learn skills that will help them get better career opportunities in the future.”

Those sentiments were echoed by MP Dr Sawsan Kamal, who was also a guest at the careers fair.

“There are rumours circulating in the community that it doesn’t matter how many times a person applies they won’t get a job, but that’s not true,” she said.

“Many applicants got jobs and this exhibition is a short cut for jobseekers, as the ministry has brought companies together under one roof instead of jobseekers knocking on the doors of each company.”

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