Pebble Time Round: The smartwatch that's 'not a miniature smartphone on your wrist'

Published November 9th, 2015 - 10:08 GMT

Pebble, the wearable tech company made popular on Kickstarter, will launch its first circular smartwatch Monday.

Noticeably daintier than its competitors' watches and thinner than its previous models, the Pebble Time Round will rely on pre-orders and in-store sales for funding this time around, Digital Trends reports. The customizable devices will be available online as well as in Best Buy and Target Nov. 8.

Sporting a slim 7.5mm profile and lightweight design, the Time Round maintains Pebble's popular e-ink display and exterior buttons on the new 1-inch circular design. Critics at Wareable highlight the customizable smartwatch as the most fashionable of its kind as it is less bulky than competitors like the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.

"Made of stainless steel with gold-plated models and leather straps available, it's definitely the most fashion-friendly and expensive looking smartwatch we've seen form Pebble," Wareable said.

One downfall of the new device is its higher-than-usual price. At $249, it is the most expensive Pebble product to date. Its somewhat low battery life -- said to last two days on full charge -- is another point of concern.

However, the Time Round is the first wearable technology to come so close to looking like a traditional timepiece. As Pebble enters the mainstream, Wareable and Digital Trends both predict the Time Round will attract new customers and increased attention as the company attempts to further establish itself.

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