Dive in and invest in personal reefs Dubai-shore

Published June 25th, 2012 - 01:41 GMT
Coral reef investment is the new rich person's pursuit
Coral reef investment is the new rich person's pursuit

Got a beachfront UAE pad and can’t decide how to spend your next million? An Australian company visiting Dubai this week thinks it’s got the answer – a personalised coral reef, designed in the shape of your company logo or favourite celeb.

Ryan Paik, executive director of artificial reef firm the Haejoo Group, says for $1 million-plus, the UAE’s super-rich can build their very own Lost City of Atlantis.

The Aussie firm currently works across Oz and Asia but speaking to 7DAYS at a Dubai fishery and agriculture show, said it is keen to dip its toes in UAE waters.

“We would be very keen to work with any clients in the UAE, be that governments, private individuals, celebrities – anyone,” said Paik.

If you fancy a statue of Tom Cruise climbing the Burj Khalifa or your very own mini-Palm Jumeirah, your luck could be in.

Paik said: “We can come up with any unique design that represents the individual, celebrity or company’s interests or signature – and can even put a logo on an artificial reef, so the fish can swim in and out of it.”

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