The Post-COVID19 Resume: 5 Skills You Need to Have in the New Era

Published July 26th, 2020 - 02:00 GMT
The Post-COVID19 Resume: Skills You Need to Include in the New Era
Not only did COVID-19 affect job markets by slashing millions of jobs during lockdowns, but it has also changed priorities and highlighted new needs. (Shutterstock: ANYAANYA)

While winds of the COVID-19 jobs storm has settled after reopenings in most countries, millions of people are still in disarray and are overwhelmed by an exceptionally competitive job market.

Struggling to get employed after months of losing their jobs to COVID-19 lockdowns, a lot of people are reporting increasingly challenging career choices. Some are compelled to update their resumes by removing previous expertise so they're not considered "over-qualified," while others are not sure what aspects of their qualifications and skills are discouraging employers from hiring them.

There is no doubt that the post-pandemic era is a unique one that requires us to reassess our past experiences and update our resumes accordingly.

Not only did COVID-19 affect job markets by slashing millions of jobs during lockdowns, but it has also changed priorities and highlighted new needs, especially as the whole world witnessed an unprecedented switch to internet-based working from home settings, many of which proved to be effective and helpful at times of emergencies. 

1. Advanced Digital Skills

As you know, working online has saved numerous businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, which added more value to those with more than basic internet skills. 

Individuals who failed to get used to online calls and video-conferencing applications have been unregretfully laid off and replaced with workers, who were able to get things done with minimum supervision.

Continue to develop your understanding of new high-tech and highlight that in your resume so you stand out as a recruitable option.

2. Adaptability

Similar to digital literacy, individuals who prove to have a high aptitude to learning new skills and adapting to new, often unusual, realities can mostly come off as great options, especially as employers are now focusing more than ever on being always ready for sudden crises, such as the one they experienced amid the pandemic. 

Adding this skill to your resume does require you to prepare specific examples of how you handle tough times and how you respond to unexpected challenges with a positive attitude.

3. Be ahead of AI

Even though AI applications taking over several jobs and fields has been an alarming topic for a while, it certainly gained particular significance during the first few weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak, especially as businesses needed to ensure that they can run as many tasks as possible without putting humans in danger of contracting the virus, which resulted in them realizing that many jobs can finally be commissioned to AI tools and robots.

Whatever field you're working at, try to stay ahead of the game, by being well informed of the different ways machines can perform your daily tasks and how you can gain a new set of expertise that keeps you relevant.

For instance, if you are a translator whose job can be done by computer-assisted tools, make sure that you can produce finer and faster translations using the new software, also show how you can add to it and develop its terminology database with various and accurate words.

Including this in your resume will show that you are a hard-working professional who is constantly developing their skills so they never become "outdated."

4. Initiating problem-solving

Problem-solving has always been amongst the most listed skills in resumes. Yet, it may not be enough if a career world is heavily traumatized by the Coronavirus emergency. 

The growing need for individuals, who are quite committed to the work they do that they require minimum supervision suggests that they also need to have initiative when it comes to work-related issues.

Make sure you have precise examples to refer to when discussing this during job interviews. 

5. High and diverse communication skills

While face-to-face communication skills are key for any workplace, the new age does highlight the need for different interpersonal abilities; like being able to clearly explain one's self over the phone and through written messages. This helps to avoid delays or problems that result from confusing messages.

Which of these skills do you already have included in your resume? 

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