Top 10 Best Foods and Drinks on Display at Gulfood 2018

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Published February 21st, 2018 - 12:48 GMT
If you’re worried about making the most of your final day at Gulfood, fear not, here are 10 of the best products on display.
If you’re worried about making the most of your final day at Gulfood, fear not, here are 10 of the best products on display.

As the curtain readies to descend on the 23rd edition of Gulfood, industry professionals from all over the world will embark on a frantic final day of product sourcing, networking and business generation meetings across 120,000 square metres - or 17 football pitches – of exhibition space.

And while more than 5,000 exhibiting companies’ products at this year’s Gulfood are conveniently split into eight sectors dedicated to core food stuffs and commodities - Beverages; Dairy; Fats & Oils; Health, Wellness & Free-From; Pulses, Grains & Cereals; Meat & Poultry; Power Brands and World Food - trawling the expansive halls and temporary structures to mine the latest innovative and on-trend health snacks, juices, meats, dairy goods, rice, grains and much, much more requires careful planning.

So, if you’re worried about making the most of your final day at the show, fear not, here are 10 of the best products on display:

Indigenously Rice

The Intertribal Agricultural Council (IAC) is promoting its American Indian Foods (AIF) programme of products made by Native American Indians and Alaska Natives, such as Leech Lake Natural Wild Rice sourced from Cass Lake in Minnesota. Naturally grown in waterbeds and traditionally hand-harvested via centuries-old techniques, annual crop supply is severely limited. The harvesting process, or manoominikewin, is slow but authentic delivered by local Tribespeople on small canoes.

Lollypop Tree

Made with almost 17,000 delicious Bonbon Barnier Lollypops, this 4.8 metre attraction took a 10-person team from by La Marquise International more than 11 hours to construct.  Comprising orange, lemon, strawberry, cherry and green apple flavours of the signature flat lollies, the giant tree is awaiting official recognition from Guinness World Records.

Spreading Good

A first-time Gulfood exhibitor, Australian Hazelnut spread, Nuttvia, is targeting ethically-conscious customers who want to steer clear of palm oil in their foods because of the highly controversial deforestation required for palm oil plantations - and the devastating effect such culling has on endangered animals living in the former forests, such as orangutans. It’s quite rare that a product simultaneously fights against habitat degradation, climate change and animal cruelty, so Nuttvia’s backing by the Orangutan Alliance Palm Oil Free Certification Program cements it’s feelgood factor.

Brewer’s Best

Lipton’s Tea Fusion machine is a fool-proof way to enjoy loose tea at the perfect temperature, flavour and consistency - at home - every single time. With single serving, coffee capsule-esque loose tea pods in traditional flavours such as the Breakfast Spark, Earl Grey Elegance, Green Tea, and fusion flavours such as Vanilla Chai Verve, Rooibos Refresher, Pomegranate & White Tea Wonder, there’s also a gloriously theatrical performance as the sci-fi machine brews leaves and releases flavour and colour into the water.

Hydration to lift your spirits

Winner of a Gulfood Innovation Award for best packaging design in 2017, Dum Dum Fitness Water is a dumbbell-shaped water product from Kosovo’s Bibita Group’s fitness range. Gym goers will never wait for the weights again, as the reusable bottles are easy to pour and handle, and come in options of pre- and post-workout options such as cucumber Collagen Bioactive Peptides, grapefruit B.C.A.A., mint Fitness Water and berry Vitamin Water.

Meating expectations

Health, wellness and vegan fever is strong at Gulfood this year but those eyeing healthy meat options should visit South Africa’s Mosstrich Ltd in the show’s Meat and Poultry section. Another show first-timer, Mosstrich is a specialist supplier of high-quality ostrich and African antelope and game. A healthy red meat high in proteins and iron, ostrich has a beef-like flavour but is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol. Calorie-wise, antelope meat is similar to chicken but it’s richer in Omega-3 than salmon. A ‘game’ changer…

Guilt-free ice cream

Whipping things up for the lactose intolerant and vegans is Le Ibense Bornay’s ice cream. Made with 100 per cent olive oil as an alternative to animal fats, and almond milk instead of milk, the revolutionary handmade ice cream has got the scoop on bad health, with saturated fats well and truly creamed.

Spicy Ice

Ice pops, jellies and chilled drinks manufacturer Miesto international Food Corporation from the Philippines is showcasing its Chilli Ice Pops, specially produced for the Gulf in response to regional consumers’ fondness for a little zing in their food. Spicy mango and spicy cola are cool flavours worth trying.

A Root to remember

Superfoods are all the rage. The health benefits of kale, quinoa, chia and blueberries are well known, but that’s not all. Those native to the Peruvian Andes have been capitalising on the benefits of Maca. Referred to as the ‘Peruvian ginseng,’ maca is a root vegetable taken to tackle anaemia; chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); and to enhance, stamina, athletic performance, and memory. Aplex Peru is showcasing its magical dust at Gulfood. Why not the whole root vegetables? Due to its potency and uniqueness it cannot be exported from Peru out of fear that it would be planted elsewhere. It’s good to remember your roots.

Pro Colombia

The Colombian country pavilion has been enjoying a fruitful debut at Gulfood with dried and powdered exotic fruits such as Galupa, Capoazu, Lulo, Araza and Camu.  

Gulfood 2018 is a trade event open strictly to business and trade visitors. The show closes at 5pm on February 22. On-site entry is AED400 (USD108). Visit


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Gulfood - the world’s largest annual food event is placing innovation at the heart of its 23rd edition.

As the global F&B community gears up for this principal opportunity to source the latest and best products at the best price, Gulfood is promising a wave of new services and innovations to reflect changes in consumer demand. The fully booked-out event will once again welcome more than 5,000 exhibitors showcasing products across 8 primary market sectors.

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