Abu Dhabi City Municipality Exhibits Three Projects in 'Innovation Month'

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Published February 13th, 2018 - 08:38 GMT
Plastic networks are used in sustainable roads design, construction and pavement, besides recycling asphalt pavement layers to rehabilitate old roads.
Plastic networks are used in sustainable roads design, construction and pavement, besides recycling asphalt pavement layers to rehabilitate old roads.

Abu Dhabi City Municipality I participated in the "Innovation Month” at Abu Dhabi Corniche held under the theme "Innovation Begins with You". The Municipality will participate with three projects: Tablet PC Optimization System, Crustal Movements Study, and the implementation of the Sustainable Asphalt Pavement in road projects and rehabilitation of old roads.

The participation underscores the Municipality’s keenness to upgrade its creative initiatives and broaden the innovation map, which aims primarily at leveraging performance, and utilising new technologies, successful ideas & practices to improve services and measure up to the sustainability standards.

The Innovation Month offers an opportunity to stimulate creativity among the Municipality’s working team, motivate them to innovate and introduce new ideas capable of uplifting the corporate government performance.

This year's theme of “Innovation Begins with You” confirms that grooming human cadres is a priority and a base for achieving higher levels of progress and development by implementing the ideas and initiatives presented by each employee in their respective fields. This would provide a creative human reserve capable of offering alternatives, solutions and initiatives to render the society happier and boost the comprehensive development drive at all fronts.

Sustainable Asphalt Pavement

As far the Sustainable Pavement Project is concerned, the Municipality stated that the project included implementing road safety initiatives in roads pavement in Abu Dhabi to extend their service life, cut lifetime costs and reduce carbon emissions. In this regard, plastic networks are used in sustainable roads design, construction and pavement, besides recycling asphalt pavement layers to rehabilitate old roads and using improvers with asphalt mixture in high-traffic volume industrial zones & intersections in Abu Dhabi city.

The Municipality has conducted feasibility studies and launched trial projects to evaluate these initiatives, which aims at improving road pavement in Abu Dhabi City, reducing the cost of the life cycle of government assets, and protecting the environment & public health.

Tablet PC Optimization System

As for the Tablet PC Optimization System to collect field survey data, the Municipality has already announced the completion of this project. Under the new system, all field survey procedures will be automatized. It reflects the Municipality's keenness to provide sophisticated services to meet the requirements of sustainable development.

This initiative is part of the project of Urban Planning and Municipalities Department in Abu Dhabi aimed to complete the digital transformation of all transactions and services in line with the expectations of customers and the community.

The Tablet PC system used in collecting field survey data aims to complete the data exchange between the office and the field (construction sites and project areas). It would improve the methods of handling transactions by increasing the time spent by land surveyors on-site, thus expediting transactions processing and increasing productivity as well.

The advantages of automating land survey work include forwarding the cadastral transactions to the on-site land surveyors electronically by means of the available communication systems. Then the completed transaction is sent electronically by the surveyor to the field data auditor in the office to verify the validity of data. It is also possible to receive the electronic signatures on the approved certificates of the parties entitled to receive the land plots. This would raise customers’ satisfaction by reducing transactions processing time, and ensuring end-product accuracy and quality. Other positives also include saving the time of visitors of the Municipality’s head office, easing traffic congestion and reducing the demand for parking lots.

Concerning the key new developments of the electronic field survey, the Municipality endeavors to support and strengthen the system by introducing new services such as exchanging data, information, drawings and certificates between the office and sites electronically, as well as obtaining signatures of the on-site contractors & consultants electronically, and handling different cadastral transactions electronically. The benefits of the electronic field survey also include minimising paperwork by at least 90%, increasing fieldwork time by no less than 45%, reducing customers’ visit to the Municipality’s head office, improving the quality & efficiency, and reducing errors. Other benefits include diminishing time loss in cases of emergency where the surveyor heads directly to the site instead of returning to the office to take the required information and data.

The idea of the electronic messaging between the office and the site is based on utilising the modern technologies in place including communication devices and highly efficient computers to avoid the shortcomings of traditional methods in processing daily transactions. Accordingly, the project specifications were designed to reduce the time spent on processing and preparing surveyors’ daily transactions at the beginning of the day and after the fieldwork. A quality officer then processes and prepares the field information before sending it electronically to the surveyor’s tablet PC. Upon the completion of the transaction, the surveyor sends it to the office for auditing, issuing the required certificates, and then closing the process.

The system has several benefits such as cutting the procedures required for issuing different types of survey certificates, reducing the number of visitors to the Municipality’s head office, and increasing fieldwork time, reducing surveyors’ office time. Other benefits of the system include compiling a fieldwork database to be used as a backup manual, increasing surveyors’ daily productivity, increasing field survey time to 80%, reducing office work, increasing productivity & time utilisation efficiency by 45%, and raising customer satisfaction to the target of 85%. The system can also be utilised in reducing manual transactions processing to 0%, leveraging surveyors' performance, and sending the results of the field work immediately after completion of the fieldwork.

Crustal Movements Study

Regarding the Crustal Movements Study Project, the Municipality indicated that it had completed scientific research on Crustal Movement to benefit from the cumulative data retrieved from the satellite readings of reference stations stored in the system, in collaboration with a team of consultants and engineers specialised in surveying to complete this study.

This study will be used in all scientific studies of scientific institutes at research centres and monitor natural phenomena including earthquakes & crustal movements to be shared with all concerned parties.

It is noteworthy that continuously operating Reference Station Networks in Abu Dhabi Emirate (AD-GRSNe), which belong to the Municipalities, comprise of 25 stations that receive satellite signals 24/7. The key component of the system comprising 17 Reference Station was established in 2008. The Base System was then upgraded, and some more stations (about 10) were added in 2011. The system covers an area of about 67,340 square km spanning all the environs of Abu Dhabi Emirate.

These stations were fitted with the latest satellite receivers (GNSS), and the coordinates of these stations are calculated with high precision. They are linked to the Global Reference Stations of Coordinates, to ensure the highest level of accuracy in this regard.

These stations transmit the readings of satellites to the two control rooms of Abu Dhabi City Municipality and Al Ain City Municipality through the intranet. Data and correctional transactions are calculated for the mobile device (Rover) using computers. The Rover is linked to the Main Control Room through the GSM to retrieve such information, and accordingly, update the coordinates of the 3D device in an accuracy rate of 2-5 cm all over the Emirate.

The main objective of establishing the network is to improve the accuracy and reliability of land surveys, enhance the public services offered by the ADM in terms of accurate geodetic data, and providing realtime coordinates service 24/7 for all related engineering and survey bodies.

In 2015, the Municipality started a project for studying the earth crust with the aim of treating satellite data and readings of Reference Stations of the system for five years and calculating the time sequences of coordinates as well as the speed trends of those stations.

To realise this objective, and calculate the dynamic movements of the Abu Dhabi reference station network, satellite data and readings of these stations must be processed in conjunction with a reference satellite accurate data and readings of several Global Reference Stations of IGS, specially designed for this type of calculation and references.

Following preliminary analysis of IGS global reference stations and the availability of data, 20 stations were selected within a radius of about 3000 kilometres from the Abu Dhabi site, which can be used as reference stations and additional sites for processing and calculate the AD-GRSNet. After further analysis and detailed evaluation of stations data and results of solutions for various network structures, it was established that the appropriate structure of reference stations and AD-GRSNet data system should consist of 8 global reference stations from IGS network.

Finally, data and readings of AD GRS reference satellite signals were processed for five years using BERNESE 5.2 GNSS Software.

The results analysing coordinates and calculating the movement of the network of reference stations indicate that the percentage of insignificant values in the time series range from 2% to 4% and in few cases close to 5%; which is consistent and indicates the quality of results. The value of the speed guides for the stations of the reference station system is 3.2 centimetres per year in the north-east direction, which corresponds to the IGS global reference station guidelines for the Arabian sheet. The results obtained can be used for further analysis and interpretation with the Rock morphology among other data available on the Arabic sheet.

However, some scientific details of Al Wakan Station, which is located in agricultural areas, indicated a change in the height of the reference station in Al Wakan estimated at (65.49) millimetres due to some factors that require further studies and scientific analysis of this phenomenon. The time series of this station indicate some seasonal variation since the beginning of the observation period in 2010, and these values are also identical to the results of the analysis of the BM data in respect of areas near Al Wakan station.

These data require additional studies assisted by geological data (including the establishment of a mobile geological network, observations, surface and water level analyses). This research can be done under a new project addressing the Phenomenon of Al Wakan Station and other areas. It also requires the analyses of potential results and recommendations for procedures to curb their future impact.

The project has many positives such as enhancing GPS knowledge and application, understanding the motion of the earth's crust, studying the tectonic earth plates, and identifying the risks resulting from earth movements.

Background Information

بلدية مدينة أبوظبي

نعمل في دائرة التخطيط العمراني والبلديات على تفعيل استراتيجية أبوظبي للتطوير الشامل وندعمها من خلال خطة أبوظبي وترجمة مبادئها الجوهرية إلى واقع مَلموس بعملنا على تطوير خطط هيكلية استراتيجية تساعد في رسم ملامح مستقبل التطور المتكامل لإمارة أبوظبي استناداً إلى أُسس مدروسة تدخل فيها اعتبارات البنية التحتية، والبيئة، وسهولة الوصول، والنسيج العمراني، ومساحات الأراضي المتاحة وأفضل استخداماتها، والخدمات التي تمكننا من إعداد استراتيجيات تخطيطية تغطي جميع أرجاء الإمارة.


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