Abu Dhabi Municipality Hoists Green Flag in Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach Park

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Published March 11th, 2018 - 07:41 GMT
Abu Dhabi City Municipality has achieved a fresh privilege of hoisting the Green Flag at the Corniche Beach Park.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality has achieved a fresh privilege of hoisting the Green Flag at the Corniche Beach Park.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has raised the Green Flag in a festive celebration at the Corniche Beach Park in Abu Dhabi. The event was attended by representatives of the International Committee responsible for assessing Abu Dhabi Parks. Moreover, the International Committee has issued a decision to renew the green flag status awarded in 2015 to Dalma Park, Umm Al Emarat Park, and Al Rahba Park. As such, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has achieved a fresh privilege of hoisting the Green Flag at the Corniche Beach Park.

“I am proud of the Municipality achievements made by Abu Dhabi Emirate at all levels, and hoisting the green flag in several parks across Abu Dhabi. It is a clear testament to the sound planning and unlimited support of our leadership to provide the finest recreational and service facilities, and support parks and recreational facilities to bring them at par with the International standards,” said H.E Saif Badr Al Qubaisi, General Manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

“The Abu Dhabi City Municipality is proud to be among the leading municipalities in Asia & Africa by obtaining the Green Flag symbol, which tantamount to an international recognition that Abu Dhabi is implementing the standards provided for in the Code of the Award,” he added.

“The Green Flag is an International award targets directing & encouraging park management processes to bring them in line with the applicable standards that take into account providing high-quality services to community members. It is also an indicator of alignment with the efforts of protecting and managing the green environment,” added Al Qubaisi.

It is noteworthy that eight primary standards should be met for accreditation with the green flag award. They are: providing a welcoming place for visitors, creating a health and safety facility fitted with safety requirements, providing hygiene and maintenance of facilities, complying with sustainability standards, preserving the nature and the heritage, social interaction, marketing and management.

The awarding of the Green Flag is of great importance, especially in identifying the best practices that should be achieved in the management of parks and the green areas. It also promotes tourism in Abu Dhabi parks as a prime destination for tourists who wish to visit and spend enjoyable times in a proper and safe facility and in the same time encouraging the expansion of green areas.

To ensure taking proper measures in nominated parks, a team of experienced engineers in assessing and reviewing submitted documents of the parks was formed, in addition to specialists from external centres. The external municipal centres were contacted and informed of the proposed schedule of visits to nominated parks, which also included visits to parks wishing to renew their Green Flag status. The Municipality has organised an induction workshop delivered by engineers to provide parks with a sample of submission documents. A review of documents and observation notes were carried out at this stage to be completed.

The nominated parks, which have been selected following reviewing the status of all Abu Dhabi parks and its conformity with the green flag standards, which will qualify them for the international accreditation. Hence, a plan has been prepared to fulfil the remaining standards for all Abu Dhabi parks. Also, a 3-Year administrative plan was charted out for each park, detailing the works required to be carried out each year. It was highlighted that parks which had received the award must be viewed as a benchmark for other parks.

The International Committee has carried out all necessary procedures and field reviews on some of Abu Dhabi parks to renew their Green Flag symbol awarded in 2015. In addition, an assessment was made to Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach Park, which was awarded this international award. Hence, it resulted in raising the Green Flag in a new park in Abu Dhabi.

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