Abu Dhabi University to host world-renowned paleontologist Dr. Meave Leakey

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Published April 30th, 2012 - 09:26 GMT
Abu Dhabi University
Abu Dhabi University

As part of Abu Dhabi University’s Provost Lecture series, the University will host a lecture by world-renowned Paleontologist and Zoologist Dr. Meave Leakey entitled “My Life in Science” on 1st of May. Dr. Leakey will to share her experience in research for over four decades in Kenya’s Lake Turkana Basin, with the University’s students, faculty and the public. Spending her time on sites between 8 and 3 million years old, Dr. Leakey was part of a team that announced the discovery of a new genus and species of human ancestors. 

Commenting on the lecture, Dr. James Mackin Provost of Abu Dhabi University said: “Paleontology has always been a vital and very interesting field that sheds light on our past and gives us a better understanding of how to shape our future. By hosting Dr. Meave Leakey, the matriarch of the anthropology Leakey family – and one of the most important scientists in the world over the last century, Abu Dhabi University students will have the great opportunity to learn from her experience in unearthing fascinating history that helps explain the origin of human kind”. 

Dr. Mackin explained that the Provost Lecture Series is designed to expose University students to top scholars from around the world and from all fields of study. “It seeks to build capacity within the UAE by improving local understanding of important global topics, as well as inspire prospective students to tackle different fields in the study of sciences and take unconventional and innovative career paths that will enable them to become future decision makers who will influence the course of history”, added Dr. Mackin.

Background Information

Abu Dhabi University

The dream began with the Charter of Abu Dhabi University in the year 2000, After three years of planning, the university opened its doors in September 2003, to an entering class of 1,000 students on its two campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Unlike other colleges and universities in the UAE, ADU undertook the measures necessary to ensure that all of the degree programs it would offer had secured accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in advance of any students enrolling in them.

ADU offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees based upon the American model of higher education.

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