Abu Tawileh Group and Whirlpool Corporation Launch New Ariston Natis Washing Machine in Jordan

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Published August 27th, 2017 - 09:57 GMT
Abu Tawileh Group
Abu Tawileh Group

Abu Tawileh Group, the authorised agent of Ariston in Jordan, and Whirlpool Corporation, which fully owns Ariston -- the leading brand in home appliances – recently unveiled the revolutionary new Ariston Natis washing machine to its network of agents, showroom distributors, and media representatives, during an exclusive event held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Amman.

The new Natis washing machine is able to satisfy all needs of the family and is designed to take care of what matters most for everyday life at home, with the ability to remove the toughest stains, avoid damage to fabric, preserve colours, and achieve environmental and economic savings, all in one best performing washing machine. The revolutionary washing machine also offers effective control of washing performance with low temperatures, removing more than 100 stains at only 20°C and keeping colors and fabrics safe, thanks to the combined actions of Direct Injection and Digital Motion Technology.

Commenting on the occasion, General Manager of Abu Tawileh Group Qais Abu Tawileh said, “In line with our ongoing achievements in growing the Ariston brand name in Jordan, we are committed to continue expanding Ariston’s presence in the market based on its elevated international standards in all aspects and through our own experience at Abu Tawileh Group in providing the best quality of service. We look forward to enhancing our partnership with Ariston agents and distributors with plans to provide the market with more investments that will be allocated to different aspects of work, such as sustainable development of aftersales services, as we continue introducing the latest Ariston products and making them available to consumers.”

Mohamad El Yassir, Regional Managing Director at Whirpool Corporation, said, “We are proud of our strategic partnership with Abu Tawileh Group, and are looking forward to strengthening our partnership with them in the future. Innovation is the key driver behind the great Ariston legacy, and as such, we always aim to develop and innovate new products that are distinctly characterised by the brand’s successful, authentic designs and high-quality performance. We are confident that the new Ariston Natis washing machine will be in high demand in the Jordanian market and will go above and beyond in satisfying customer's requirements.”

The revolutionary new washing machine offers greater performance with the ability to remove all types of stains at the low temperature of 20°C, keeping colours from bleeding and fabrics safe. The washing machine also integrates Direct Injection, which premixes water and detergent, and Digital Motion Technology, which guarantees more precise control over drum dynamics. Moreover, Ariston’s new washing machines offer specific stain removal settings adapted to the modern lifestyle. For example, the Turbo Anti-Stain Cycle is an exclusive and effective quick cycle that removes up to 40 stubborn stains in just 45 minutes at only 20°C.

The Natis washing machine has even more features that enrich the home experience. The new washing machine has an anti-microbic treatment for total health care and hygiene that reduces bacteria proliferation up to 99,9%. Additionally, high energy efficiency and water consumption savings are guaranteed by the innovative Eco Rain technology, earning the new washing machines  Ariston’s greenest rating ever, A+++ -40%.

The launch event for the new Ariston Natis washing machine included many activities and ended with top distributors being awarded in appreciation of their efforts in enhancing the reach of the Ariston brand and strengthening its position in the Jordanian market.

The new Ariston Natis washing machine is available in all retail stores in Jordan that sell Abu Tawileh products.

Background Information

Abu Tawileh Group

Established in 1972, Abu Tawileh Group is a retailer and wholesaler that provides the Jordanian market with the most innovative home appliances and electronics. Abu Tawileh Group aims to redefine industry standards through continuous innovation and high quality in all products and services that it provides.

Throughout its journey, Abu Tawileh Group has continuously endeavoured to operate with a focus on three main pillars: technology, innovative solutions and customer service, all according to the highest standards and best practices.

The group aspires to create a home living environment that meets the growing and changing demands of consumers from all segments of society by providing them with the best home appliances and electronics to facilitate their daily lives. 

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