ADM Holds Workshop Entitled: How Can AI Contribute to Shaping Smart Cities?

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Published October 2nd, 2018 - 06:36 GMT
Attendees of the workshop included government and private entities as well as academics and AI and knowledge-sharing specialists.
Attendees of the workshop included government and private entities as well as academics and AI and knowledge-sharing specialists.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has held at its Head Office in Abu Dhabi a workshop entitled “How Can Artificial Intelligence shape Smart Cities?”. The event is part of events sponsored by the civic body to trigger innovation and implement in improving the level of services.

Attendees of the workshop included government and private entities as well as academics and AI and knowledge-sharing specialists. The deliverables of the workshop will contribute to driving the digital transformation of municipal services.

HE Badr Al Qubaisi, General Manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said, “Holding the Internet of Things in Smart Cities Forum coincides with an important event, namely the launching of the pilot phase of the Five-Year Plan for Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence (2018 – 2022) under the name (Zayed Smart City Project) by the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities.

“It is a pioneering project for managing the Infrastructure by using the Information Technology and the Internet of Things. The project aims to envision the future, drive innovation and provide infrastructure at world-class standards.

“It reflects that we are progressing simultaneously on several tracks leading to the digital future in the implementation of the vision of our government which is endeavouring to run ahead of time. This goal will be complemented by the end of this year when all services of the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities go digital by 100%,” he noted.

“Holding the AI seminar is indicative of the seriousness of the digital drive in all our lives, and we are pleased that this seminar has succeeded in gathering a bunch of academics, government and private institutions under one roof. We are privileged to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to participants for enriching this seminar and building tomorrow’s future by focusing on digitization, evolution, and modernity to improve the quality of life and bring happiness. The importance of this seminar is underlined by its themes which address the trends, challenges, and ideas about the role of the Internet of Things in building Smart Cities and shaping smart cities and Abu Dhabi’s vision for the next generation,” continued Al Qubaisi.

Al Qubaisi expressed his thanks and appreciation to the strategic partners from the public and private sectors, represented by the General Directorate of Civil Defense, Tadweer, the Department of Transport, and all private sector representatives who contributed to the success of this seminar. He thanked all spokespersons for their efforts in enriching and achieving the objectives of the seminar.

“We, at the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, continue to work with our partners in the private and public sectors towards achieving the vision and objectives of our government. Accordingly, we have to embark on the path of evolution and sustainable development for better services and more happiness of peoples,” concluded Al Qubaisi. 

“The Smart Cities project stems from the vision of Abu Dhabi, and the implementation of the municipal system’s policies aimed at achieving sustainability, and improving the quality of living in Abu Dhabi Emirate. The Municipality has actually embarked on the implementation of the 5-Year Plan for Smart Cities and AI.

“The ADM is keen on fostering effective and objective partnerships with the aim of achieving the best results with this project. accordingly, the ADM has engaged into strategic partnerships with a host of private companies as supports and participants in this project,” he added.

Eng. Sami Al Hashimi, Director of Infrastructure Support Division, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, reviewed during the workshop part of the new technologies launched all over Abu Dhabi as well as other technologies expected to emerge in future.

Mohammed Bu Shmais, from TSME, praised the UAE as the most innovative country in the Middle East and a platform for smart cities.

The seminar discussed a range of topics such as the impact of AI and Future Science, and AI lies in Smart Cities. A presentation was made highlighting Zayed Smart City presented by teams of IT and Infrastructure at the ADM.

Participants in the event included Justin Bausher, a specialist researcher in Automated Learning, and Jack Fitzsimmons, a top researcher of Automated Learning. Participants also included experts from government entities taking part in the event including Eng. Yousef Al Marhoon from IT Division at the DoT in Abu Dhabi, who made a presentation about applying AI in improving transportation. Eng. Imad Al Hashimi, from the General Directorate of Civil Defence – Abu Dhabi, delivered a speech about the efforts of Civil Defense in applying AI in support of their services and abilities. Marwan Al Marzookqui, from Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer), and a paper about the use of AI in the transportation of waste.

The seminar saw lively discussions covering the exchange of knowledge between expert and attendees about AI, and the prospects of smart cities and how to improve the quality of life and enhance the happiness of all.

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