ADM Launches Readymade Low-Cost Engineering Designs for Annexes of Land Plots

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Published June 5th, 2018 - 11:52 GMT
The move is made as part of the Year of Zayed in support of citizens and reduced fees.
The move is made as part of the Year of Zayed in support of citizens and reduced fees.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has launched a new initiative as part of its initiatives for the Year of Zayed whereby readymade engineering designs of annexes to residential land plots will be offered. These models will be provided at reduced rates; which will slash the financial costs of such operations when undertaken through normal channels.

The initiative is a kind of interaction with the Year of Zayed and adds to the social responsibility of Abu Dhabi City Municipality towards citizens and offering them options that measure up to their expectations and help them carry out additions to their residencies within their land plots.

Engineer Mohammed Omer Ba Saleeb, Director of Building Permits, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said, “The initiative comprises the offering of several engineering designs for annexes, guard rooms, or any type of buildings added to the existing land plots and in different shapes that meet the needs of citizens in this regard. The core of the initiative is to reduce the financial burden associated with these services under normal conditions. In case the citizen chooses one of the designs offered by the Municipality, the consultant supervisory fees will be reduced by 50%, and the municipal fees applicable to the issuance of the permit will also be cut by 50%. The consultant fees will only be 2% of the project cost, and the same applies to the licensing fees.

“The engineering designs of these annexes are not compulsory, and citizens can avail the ordinary services. The Municipality is currently considering a host of positive initiatives in the field of building permits which will be revealed at a later stage. The initiative is designated to building annexes of an area not more than 100 square meters covering service annexe, guests annexe, guard room and other standard residential annexes,” explained Ba Saleeb.

“To benefit from the initiative, the owner has to select one of the attached models that suits his or her needs and print the undertaking provided. Then the owner has to visit the office of the consultant that had made the proposed design and undertake to pay the cost and accordingly start the contractual procedures as per the fees set in the undertaking to start the licensing process,” he further noted.

“Several conditions are governing the building of residential annexes, namely: It is not permitted to build connected annexes, except for the electricity room and the car park, due to the nature of the design and the requirements of Abu Dhabi Distribution Company or Al Ain Distribution Company. In case annexes are attached to the main villa, the conditions applicable to the villa setbacks.

“Guests annexe is allowed as one floor with a maximum height of 6m measured from the road level. A one-meter extra height will be allowed per 8 additional meters in the side length of the guests’ annexe with a maximum of 8 m,” he said.

“As for service annexes, a one-floor building is permitted provided the level of the ground floor of the annexe must not be more than 1.5m of the level of the road opposite to the entry and not less than 30 cm. owners of residential units are allowed to build extensions to the first floor to widen the main building above the Majlis or annexes under a certain set of conditions.

“This initiative, and other initiatives underscores the commitment of the Municipality to bring happiness to citizens. Such efforts echo directions of our leaders calling for providing the best means that contribute to the stability and happiness of the community,” concluded the Director of Building Permits,” concluded the Director of Building Permits, Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

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