ADM to Start Implementation of ‘Abu Dhabi Lighting’ Project for Replacing Streetlights by Led Lights in Q1 of 2018

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Published October 1st, 2017 - 06:24 GMT
The workshop presented plans and needs of Abu Dhabi city’s street lighting system through replacing the existing street lighting units (HPS and MH) with LED Luminaires.
The workshop presented plans and needs of Abu Dhabi city’s street lighting system through replacing the existing street lighting units (HPS and MH) with LED Luminaires.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) is set to embark on a mega project entitled: Abu Dhabi Lighting project during the first quarter of the next year 2018 for replacing the existing conventional lights with LED lights. This power-saving project stems from the commitment of the Municipality to save power consumption, achieve sustainable development and conserve energy. The Municipality expects to accomplish the project in 18 months and the operation period extends to ten years.

The project aims to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, cut maintenance and operating costs, and achieve additional savings in electric consumption by reducing the luminous intensity and the use of dimming controls applications. It will also introduce LED technology; which will bring in several benefits, including social, economic and environmental benefits.

In this regard, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, together with its consultants Parsons, Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, representatives of private firms such as suppliers & contractors, in addition to strategic partners have held a specialist introductory course about light works in Abu Dhabi this September. The workshop presented plans and needs of Abu Dhabi city’s street lighting system through replacing the existing street lighting units (HPS and MH) with LED Luminaires. The project will be rolled out as a public-private partnership model with emphasis on the pioneering nature of Abu Dhabi Island Lighting System project, which will be released, to tendering later this year.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality is keen to partner with companies, consortiums, specialised associations and institutions licensed or to be established in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in supplying, installing, operating, maintaining and financing about 43,000 lighting units. The scope of work will also include the design, supply, installation, and finance of a smart central control system for the new lighting units, which will be delivered to the Municipality upon the completion of installation and operation period.

The introductory workshop included a presentation of the project by the Municipality and its consultants covering the key requirements of the project and its positive impact. The Municipality also discussed its experience in enhancing cooperation with the private sector in the implementation of infrastructure projects in a presentation delivered by Eng. Majid Abd Al Katheeri, Acting Executive Director of Municipal Infrastructure & Assets Sector. Eng. Hussain Al Saeedi, Head of Studies and Standards Team at the of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, presented a paper providing a complete digest of Sustainable Public Lighting Strategy endorsed by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council. Dr. Jamal Al Zareef, Technical Advisor of the ADM, presented a paper on the requirements of the ADM, scope of work of the pioneering project, and the implementation program. Afterwards, the lighting expert Martin Valentin, along with Eng. Hosam Haikal and Dr. Essam Al-Darwi of Parsons presented a paper on the technological and technical aspects of the design and specifications.

The workshop was followed up by a paper presented by Dr. Simon Miller, a product-matching specialist from the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, entitled "Requirements and procedures for conformity of external LED products.

Sultan Al Muhairi, the official spokesperson of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, stressed the importance of this workshop in saving electric consumption and conserving energy resources, thanks to the use of modern lighting technologies, which will reflect positively on realising considerable economic and environmental benefits. "The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council is keen on cooperating with all concerned parties in public and private sectors in this national project to ensure that the lighting systems in use conform to the best standards and practices of quality and safety,” he said.

Al-Muhairi pointed out that the product certification system of LED external lights has been developed to ensure the safety, quality and efficiency of power consumption in municipal lighting systems such as ‘Abu Dhabi Lighting’ Project for the rehabilitation the light of street lighting in Abu Dhabi. The certificate of Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council of street lighting – which is part of the requirements of releasing tenders of Abu Dhabi Lighting Project through – is conducted via a series of approved independent tests, is a testament to the ability to achieve significant savings for the ADM in power consumption. Moreover, such lights are fit for operation in the hot and dusty conditions experienced by the UAE.

The workshop continued through a paper about the contractual and legal requirements of the project presented by Jamal Abu Ali from Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP.

Ms. Ruth McMorro, Executive Vice President of Parsons and Mr. Michael Palmeri, President and Founder of B3Point, presented a paper entitled “Requirements of Project Funding, Payment Method, and Bid Evaluation.”

Then questions and discussions followed about the key aspects of the workshop and papers. A series of meetings were held with companies that lasted until the end of the second day. The Municipality confirmed that the purpose of the workshop and these meetings were to discuss the project and identify the views of the private sector about this project before releasing it. The process will strengthen public-private partnerships and contribute to advancing the comprehensive development, particularly as regards enhancing the components of the lighting infrastructure.

The project has an economic nature as the private sector contributes to the financing and management of the following operations: design, finance, construction, maintenance, and operation. Through this project, the Municipality is implementing the policies of the UAE in engaging the private sector in financing, constructing and operating some of the infrastructure projects for instance.

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