ADX second growing index in GCC in September, 2 Billion Dirhams in market value for trading companies

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Published October 9th, 2016 - 01:02 GMT
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has climbed %0.12 in September to reach 4476 and become the second growing index in the GCC after Bahrain.

The retail sector gained %6.15 followed by telecommunications (%1.27) and the banking sector (%0.67).

Meanwhile the services sector has declined by %7.94, and the industry sector by %4.77. The energy sector has also declined by %3.84; real-estate by %2.55; investment and financial services by %1.17 and insurance sector by %0.12.

The market value of (ADX) has increased by %0.45 to reach 442.54 billion Dirhams compared to 440.58 in August 2016. The volume reached 2.5 billion Dirhams compared to 3.2 billion Dirhams in August.

Furthermore, around 1.226 billion shares were exchanged compared with 1.422 billion in August, and the total deals reached 20140 compared with 25405 in August.

The daily volume in September reached 146 million Dirhams and increased by %4.9, compared to 139 million Dirhams in August. September had 17 days of trading compared to 23 days in August – while 49 companies were active in the index.

The First Gulf Bank shares were the most active with deals reaching 407 million Dirhams and %16.7 of the total ADX deals, followed by Al-Dar shares (404.8 million Dirhams and %16.6 of total deals); Al-Sharq (388 million Dirhams and %15.95 of total deals); Etisalat (345 million Dirhams and %14.2 of total deals); Abu Dhabi Commercial (171 million Dirhams and %7 of total deals).

The real-estate sector had the lion share of trades in ADX (831 million Dirhams and %34.05 of total trades), followed by the banking sector (825 million and %33.78 of total deals); telecommunications sector (351 million Dirhams and %14.39 of total deals); industry sector (177.6 million Dirhams and %7.27 of total deals); energy sector (103 million Dirhams and %4.23 of total deals); retail sector (74.4 million Dirhams and %3.05 of total deals); insurance sector (37.1 million dirhams and %1.53 of total deals); investment and financial services sector (32.6 million Dirhams and %1.33 of total deals); services sector (9.4 million Dirhams and 0.38 of total deals).

Foreigners invested around 1.466 billion Dirhams in ADX (%59 of total volume), and their selling actions reached 1.327 billion Dirhams (%53.4 of total volume). Consequently, the net foreign individuals investment in ADX reached 139 million Dirhams.

The institutional investment in September reached 183 million Dirhams. Accordingly, both foreign individuals and institutions have invested around 322.2 million Dirhams in September. 

Emirati and foreigners deals in ADX in September


Total purchase (Dirhams)

Total selling (Dirhams)

Net investment (Dirhams)





GCC citizens




Other nationalities




Total foreign deals








TOTAL  2,482,458,277

Background Information

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) was established on 15th of November 2000 by Local Law No. (3) of 2000, the provisions of which vests the Market with a legal entity of autonomous status, independent finance and management, and gives ADX the necessary supervisory and executive powers to exercise its functions.

Moreover, ADX has the authority to establish centers and branches outside the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and so far it has done so in Al Ain, Zayed City, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah.

ADX's board of directors is comprised of seven members nominated by Amiri Decree. The members of the board hold office for a term of three years. The first board of directors was constituted by Amiri Decree No. (8) of 2000.

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