Ajyal Talent Management Launch Second Round of Educational Sessions in AI in Partnership With GEMS Education

Press release
Published July 30th, 2018 - 10:12 GMT
Michael Gernon, Senior Vice President of Global Head of Innovation/GEMS X at GEMS Education
Michael Gernon, Senior Vice President of Global Head of Innovation/GEMS X at GEMS Education

Following its successful first group of sessions, Ajyal Talent Management, part of the DarkMatter Group, today announced the launch of its second artificial intelligence (AI) summer course for students, which is being held in partnership with GEMS Education at the GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail.

A dedicated session called AI4Youth will welcome GEMS students from Grades 10 through 12 and introduce them to the fundamentals of AI through theoretical lessons and hands-on exercises covering topics such as programming, search algorithms and machine learning. The second round of the program starts on August 5th and runs until August 16th.

The course is run as part of the Emirates Camp for AI, which was recently launched by the Office of the Minister of State for AI, to prepare the UAE’s youth to harness advanced technologies and create innovative solutions for future challenges.

As part of the collaboration, Ajyal provides experienced trainers and course content, while GEMS supports by providing the location and logistics.

Saeed Basweidan, CEO of Ajyal Talent Management, the education arm of DarkMatter, commented: “We have a commitment to educating the next generation of leaders in AI for the benefit of the UAE. Partnerships with educational outlets such as GEMS provide greater opportunities for us to identify those exceptional people who have the talent to succeed over the long term, with AI a developing sector of our national economy.

“AI can play a role in improving so many different areas of business and creating a wealth of employment opportunities. The challenge will be in ensuring we have enough skilled workers to fill those roles.”

Michael Gernon, Senior Vice President of Global Head of Innovation/GEMS X at GEMS Education said: “Our role as educators is to prepare our students with the knowledge, skills and experience to face the challenges of the future. We are delighted to partner with Ajyal Talent and the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence to create a course that links students with top AI experts, allowing them to truly explore AI in all its forms and develop new experiences and learning that can be applied to real world issues and scenarios. This is such a unique opportunity which builds on our innovative approaches to learning in our GEMS schools.”

Ajyal Talent Management and GEMS Education will conduct two AI4Youth sessions in total, with the first session having run from 22-30 July 2018. The second session will take place from the 2-13 August 2018 at the GEMS Wellington Al Khail in Dubai, and  accommodate 16 students from GEMS schools from grades 10 to 12.

Background Information

GEMS Education

In 1959, two teachers, KS Varkey and his wife Mariamma, arrived in Dubai. 

At the time, Dubai was a burgeoning trade centre on the Arabian Gulf. The Varkey family had left Kerala, India to seek a better life for their family. What they found was a real need to educate children arriving in the city from around the world.

Their son, Sunny, added a visionary’s ambition to a practitioner's experience. From simple roots in a family of teachers, GEMS Education, is today an international company with schools and education services across the Middle East. We still share the same mission - to provide a quality education to everyone.

القاهرة: مخترق حساب المستشارة مروة بركات من عناصر "لواء الثورة"

Published February 23rd, 2019 - 11:35 GMT
مخترق حساب المستشارة، مروة بركات، عنصر من عناصر جماعة لواء الثورة الهارب إلى تركيا
مخترق حساب المستشارة، مروة بركات، عنصر من عناصر جماعة لواء الثورة الهارب إلى تركيا

كشف مؤسس "الجيش المصري الإلكتروني"، الرائد خالد أبو بكر، في تصريح لقناة "RT" أن مخترق حساب المستشارة، مروة بركات، عنصر من عناصر جماعة لواء الثورة الهارب إلى تركيا، بلال حسام.

وأشار أبو بكر إلى أن بلال حسام من أخطر الهاكرز المنتمين لحركة "حسم"، مضيفا أن خروجه من مصر رغم خطورته يعد "تقصيرا يجب محاسبة المسؤول عنه، خاصة أن له ارتباطات قوية بالأذرع الإعلامية لجماعة الإخوان المحظورة وبأجهزة مخابرات قطر وتركيا".

وقال أبو بكر في تصريحاته أنه سبق له أن نبه إلى خطورة تلك الأذرع الإعلامية، التي تثير الشائعات والفتن داخل مصر، مشيرا إلى أنه "يجب تعقبها وتقديمها إلى العدالة".

هذا وجرى ضبط بلال حسام في وقت سابق وحبسه، وقد تمكن من الدخول إلى تركيا بعد هروبه للسودان.

تجدر الإشارة إلى أن منشورا ظهر في صفحة مروة بركات على "فيسبوك"، قبل ساعات من تنفيذ حكم الإعدام بحق 9 أشخاص أُدينوا بقتل أبيها النائب العام المصري، هشام بركات، وجاء في نصه ما يلي: "شهادة أمام الله، عرفت أن في شباب في قضية اغتيال بابا هيتعدموا قريب.. أنا هقول اللي جوايا وأمري لله لأن دي أرواح ناس زي روح بابا.. الولاد دول مش هما اللي قتلوا بابا وهيموتوا ظلم الحقوهم واقبضوا على القتلة الحقيقيين".

وبعد فتح تحقيق في ذلك تم التوصل إلى أن صفحة ابنة النائب العام هشام بركات، الذي تم اغتياله عام 2015، جرى اختراقها من قبل هاكرز.



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