Al Ghuwaifat Customs Centre inspectors foil attempt to smuggle more than 8,000 prescription stimulant drugs and 30,000 bottles of alcohol across UAE borders

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Published September 2nd, 2015 - 08:27 GMT

The General Administration of Customs- Abu Dhabi has announced that inspectors of Al Ghuwaifat Customs Centre recently foiled attempts to bring 8,000 prescription stimulant drugs into the UAE, and to smuggle 30,000 alcohol bottles out of the country through Al Ghuwaifat port.

During a routine inspection of buses entering the country through Al Ghuwaifat port, an Arab passenger was found in possession of a large quantity of pills hidden in his belongings. Following further investigation, the seized pills, amounting to 8,000, were classified as stimulant drugs which can only be prescribed by a doctor.

In another incident, the Ghuwaifat border point security police section informed Al Ghuwaifat customs inspectors about a potential attempt to smuggle alcohol bottles out of the UAE.

Customs inspectors became suspicious of a truck with a UAE license plate which was leaving the country. During inspection, customs officials used scanning devices to identify the items in the boxes, which did not match the description of the type of goods in boxes labelled ‘apples’. After unloading the cargo, 2,559 cardboard containers with 12 bottles of alcohol in each box were identified, bringing the total number of alcohol bottles to 30,708.

Customs inspectors arrested both suspects and the cases were transferred to the concerned authorities to take all necessary legal action.

Commenting on the two incidents, Mohamed Khadem Al Hameli, Acting Director General of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi highlighted the strong level of cooperation between all security services in supporting the customs inspectors’ role in dealing with criminal activities that affect the security of the UAE and the safety of its citizens and residents. Al Hameli said: “The General Administration of Customs seeks to implement the latest customs inspection procedures and systems to combat any attempt to smuggle contrabands across land, sea and air ports.”

 Al Hameli added: “The General Administration of Customs- Abu Dhabi offers various types of international training and skill development programmes for customs inspectors, to enhance security in our homeland and support officials in their role to protect the local community and national economy from any smuggling attempts and risks of illegal trades across countries.”

The General Administration of Customs- Abu Dhabi seeks to enhance the movement of passengers and goods by implementing the latest devices and detection equipment when inspecting trucks, vehicles, passengers, luggage and packages. This raises efficiency levels across all customs operations. Al Ghuwaifat border post is considered the largest and most important land port in the UAE. Over 2.5 million vehicles entered and exited the country through the border in 2014.

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