Al Hamra Real Estate Company Concludes Heart-Warming Mother's Day Campaign

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Published March 24th, 2021 - 11:09 GMT
Al Hamra Real Estate Company Concludes Heart-Warming Mother's Day Campaign
During the event
Al Hamra Real Estate Company honored motherhood and their immense contributions to both their faimiles and the society with heart-touching and inspirational messages from children.

In celebration of Mother's Day this year, Al Hamra Real Estate Company honored motherhood and their immense contributions to both their faimiles and the society with heart-touching and inspirational messages from children. In collaberation with the Soroptimist Kuwait, the United Nations Development Program, and the United Nations Women, Al Hamra supported the touching campaign entitled "What does your mother mean to you?". Children between the ages of 5 to 15 years shared their special messages and pictures through the hashtag "#mom", which were displayed within the Al Hamra Shopping Center from 20 March until 23 March.

Al Hamra Real Estate is delighted to announce the success of the unique campaign as many children participated in expressing their deepest appreciation and love. The messages varied between "My mother is my whole life", "My mother is my paradise" and "My mother is the spring of tenderness" which were present on the digital screens and shared via its social media channels.

Commenting on the campaign, the Chief Administrative Officer - CAO of Al Hamra Real Estate Company, Mrs. Abrar Abdulaziz Al Habeeb, said: “Mother’s Day holds a special place in our hearts due to the importance of her role in our community and her many strengths. Hence, Al Hamra Real Estate Company continues to contribute towards women economic empowerment and drive change by enhancing their capabilities to achieve success. We are driven by the belief that equipping all women with the necessary skills is a fundamental human right and raises strong leaders.

She further added,”This commitment was demonstrated through Al Hamra’s partnership with the United Nations Development Programme Kuwait and the UN Women when we endored the WEP’s – a commitment to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls in Kuwait while encouraging the  private sector companies to accelerate sustainable economic growth and social progress, in line with the national development goals.”

Mrs. Mae Al Hajjaj, President of Soroptimist Kuwait said, “In honor of Mother’s Day, Soroptimist Kuwait joined forces with Al Hamra, UNDP and UNWOMEN, to celebrate mothers. Mothers will always hold a unique spot in our hearts, but this will be a Mother’s Day like no other due to government restrictions keeping our loved ones apart. Some mothers have gone through a lot of heartache over the course of the last 12 months, while others have devoted so much of their time to helping others in these testing times. With the #my mother is campaign, we wanted to shine a light on special mums who deserve a Mother’s Day to remember. This project was just a simple gesture to her and her efforts.” 

Regional Director of UNWOMEN,Ms. Suzanne Mikhail said, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic duties of care and education, due to the closure of care centers and schools, have aggravated the already disproportionate burden of unpaid care on women. On average, women in the Arab States perform about 4.7 times more unpaid work than men. In line with the Women Empowerment Principles, it is essential that employers adopt flexible work arrangements to retain women employees and leaders, and support their continued contribution to the economy and national development in a manner that values their contribution to society, including through their participation in family life.”

Ms. Hideko Hadzialic,the Resident Representative for UNDP added: “On behalf of the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP),  I would like t  thank both Al Hamra Real Estate Company and Soroptimist Kuwait for this initiative on Mother’s Day. As we go through this challenging time posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, let us remember our mothers and grand-mothers, who are with us, and also who are living far away from us, for their unconditional support and hard work.”

Speaking on the campaign, Dr Lubna Alkazi, Associate Professor of Sociology and Founder of the Women’s Research and Studies Center at Kuwait University said: “For a mother, her children are her first  priority and always dedicates time for them, no matter how occupied she might be, while working from the office or home or online schooling. To a child, the mother fulfils their sense of security and provides emotional support. This year, we thought that hearing from the children themselves on what their mother means to them is the best way to show appreciation to all mothers. Al Hamra was one of the first companies to sign the Women’s Empowerment Principles in Kuwait and has always supported the movement by shedding light on women’s issues ranging from economic empowerment to eliminating violence against women.”

Al Hamra Real Estate Company also celebrated its female employees during the joyous occasion and expressed great admiration for each as they try to weather difficult times and maintain a positive  work - family life balance. 

Background Information

Al Hamra Real Estate Co

Al Hamra Real Estate Co. is a leader in real estate development and management, encompassing modern fashion retail brands,
renowned regional and international restaurants and cafés, and entertainment offerings for the whole family from the Grand cinema
to the Explorer’, children’s learning and game center through its luxury center. Situated in the heart of Kuwait City’s commercial
district, providing office space for a wide range of business activity, the iconic business tower is the tallest carved skyscraper at

413m high & 80 levels. Al Hamra has won awards for its landmark tower from Honey Well, Arabian Business Achievement Awards,
American Institute of Architecture (AIA) – New York Chapter and American Concrete Institute.

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