Al Khayyat Investments brings French brand 'Kickers' to Abu Dhabi Mall

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Published October 23rd, 2011 - 11:25 GMT

Following the opening of its first Petit Bateau boutique store in Dubai Mall 7 days ago, Al Khayyat Investments has now launched the prestigious brand 'Kickers', which specializes in a wide range of footwear and clothing for the rapidly growing youth market, in Abu Dhabi Mall.

Al Khayyat Investments LLC, the leading Dubai holding company, which currently represents over 200 well-known international brands across the Middle East, said at the opening of the new store in Abu Dhabi that additional Kickers store will open in Dubai in the 4th quarter of 2011 in Dubai Festival Centre.

Laurent Cabioch, General Manager of Fashion & lifestyle at Al Khayyat Investments said, “Owned by Royer Group, Kickers was originally developed and launched in France back in 1970, creating an exciting new range of styles, including the ‘jean boot’ for the ‘blue-jean generation’, which challenged the traditional footwear of that time. The brand became such a success that, within one season, production capacity had to be increased from 300 to 12,000 pairs per month. By 1974, Kickers was selling in over 70 countries, including many Middle Eastern countries, where the brand remains a popular choice. We are extremely pleased to have brought Kickers to the UAE, and in doing so, further increasing awareness of this dynamic brand in the MENA region.”

Originally designed to be worn with jeans, Kickers shoes quickly became the wardrobe staple for an entire generation. At a time when manufacturers only offered traditional footwear, the multi-colored shoes revolutionized the industry and became extremely popular. Kickers continues to evolve with a diverse range of new and innovative footwear styles.

Cabioch added: “The originality and popularity of the brand has certainly encouraged us to bring Kickers to UAE. The brand stays true to its roots, defining itself as a lifestyle choice and a modern, authentic brand that transcends generations.”

The life of a Kickers shoe starts with the designers, who are always up to date with the latest trends in the footwear industry. After crafting the sole, the designers create a range of deferent styles to form a collection. Before receiving the company’s ‘seal of approval’, Kickers shoes pass through various setting tests internally, and externally in schools and playgrounds, to ensure the comfort, quality and longevity of each pair of shoes matches the Kickers’ exacting standards.

Stéphane Brément, International Director, Kickers said: “This is a major milestone in the international roll-out of Kickers that will expand the company’s reach in one of the world’s most vibrant regions. We are delighted to have signed this agreement with Al Khayyat Investments and we look at this move as a springboard to further investment within the Middle East retail markets.”

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