Al Qasba Hosts International Festival Competition Kalinka in Sharjah

Press release
Published March 29th, 2018 - 10:19 GMT
During the KALINKA Festival.
During the KALINKA Festival.

Al Qasba, Sharjah’s premiere leisure, tourist and family destination, is to host the ‘Culture without Boundaries’ concert, featuring International Festival-Competition (KALINKA). The event will be showing spectacular cross-cultural performances as Russia and Kazakhstan combine their talents in a dazzling display of music and dance on Friday March 30.

Building on its ever-increasing efforts to bring new cultures and traditions to Sharjah, Al Qasba will be providing audiences with a full spectrum of Eastern Europe’s most authentic styles and genres, offering the opportunity to learn more about the region’s heritage first-hand.

The three hour ‘Culture without Boundaries’ concert, starting at 7:00 pm is free to the public and features performances as diverse as classical ballet and waltzes to modern dance and cover versions of The Beatles.

Khuloud Salem Aljunaibi, Al Qasba Manager, said: “This concert will not only give a true insight into a vast range of cultural arts from Russia and Kazakhstan, it is a non-stop vivid and vibrant performance that emphasises the ultimate Al Qasba goal of bringing people of different societies and international communities together.”

She added: “With its world-class facilities and reputation as an all-inclusive environment, the atmosphere at Al Qasba makes it the perfect venue for this performance. We look forward to welcoming audiences from across the UAE for what promises to be a highly-energetic and enjoyable evening.”

The concert includes performances from a wide range of artists and ages including recitals, songs and dances from seven-year-olds accompanied by traditional instruments and an orchestra.

Beginning with a short musical piece from a group carrying national flags, the evening features 16 acts in the first 50 minutes alone. The pace continues after the first interval with another 17 performances before a one-hour concert and awards ceremony.

Al Qasba features numerous high-end amenities and modern tourist attractions, including restaurants, cafés, Al Qasba Theatre, which accommodates 250 people, Al Qasba Conference Forum, Kids Fun House, Al Qasba Musical Fountain, Maraya Art Centre and many others, that cater to visitors of all ages.