Al Wasl introduces Season Tickets

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Published September 7th, 2011 - 11:32 GMT

For the first time in the history of the Club, Al Wasl announces the launch of season tickets for the upcoming 2011/2012 season available in Gold, Silver and Seasonal.

This and other recent developments highlight important changes that Al Wasl Football Company has introduced as part of the continuous progression of the club's facilities and offerings to create an enhanced atmosphere for fans and members alike.

Each pass represents a varying range of benefits depending on its class. Gold holders will enjoy parking in the VIP area, hospitality services with their seats, buffet at half time and after the match in a designated area for VIPs in addition to screens in front of seats to watch the match. Silver holders will be able to park inside the club and enjoy hospitality services at half time in the Hotel Hall. Seasonal members will also get to park in a special allocated area and are entitled to one free match. All ticket holders will equally enjoy the pleasure of a better overall experience during matches for the duration of the season.

Ticket sales are being promoted through the company’s recent marketing campaign called Waslawi that encourages and unifies team spirit among fans.

Thilal Al Falasi, Marketing Manager at AlWasl Football Company, said: “We have already seen a great demand for season tickets as the beginning of the league approaches, which we know will continue to grow, for a chance to see Al Waslthis season. We credit part of this demand to our Waslawi campaign that gives a name to the growing hype created by big changes seen this year.”

Al Wasl is making significant strides to create a whole new experience for the start of an exciting new season, which was made evident with the revamping of the club’s facilities – focusing on the main stadium, with new seating, more comfort and a range of new services. This also includes a new foundation for the main pitch and a huge plasma display screen to give fans a closer and in-depth look at replays of each important move. A place for vendors will also be provided to allow fans the opportunity to buy merchandise as they support the team.

“Al Wasl Club has always appreciated the dedication of its fans who continue to support the team through everything. As a token of our appreciation, we are constantly thinking of ways to enhance their experience through better services and as part of our continuous effort to provide what can only be classed as the best in the region,” concluded Al Falasi.

Next season is full of excitement as Al Wasl embarks on a new era of football. Fans are eagerly waiting what will be a monumental season for the team and are anxious to attain seasonal tickets to get in on all of the action. 

Background Information

Al Wasl Sports Club

Al-Wasl Football Club is a United Arab Emirates Football League club based in Dubai. It is a part of the multi-sports club Al Wasl Sports Club. From next season, former Argentina player and manager Diego Maradona will manage the club, with an annual salary of 3.5 millions of euro plus a private jet at his disposal for two seasons.

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