All Covered: Managing Cybersecurity Risks With Next Generation Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

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Published April 22nd, 2018 - 09:38 GMT
The innovation benefits businesses’ abilities to conduct a thorough investigation and remediation, should a serious cybersecurity incident occur.
The innovation benefits businesses’ abilities to conduct a thorough investigation and remediation, should a serious cybersecurity incident occur.

The latest trends in cybercrime have seen it all — advanced exploits allegedly developed by high-profile threat actors used in massive ransomware attacks, creativity of spam and phishing attacks on trending topics, and attacks relying heavily on social engineering or legitimate software used as cyber weapons. This evolution of cyberthreats calls for evolution in cybersecurity. The new Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is another landmark in this journey: more next generation detection with dynamic machine learning, increased visibility and granular security controls including vulnerability management, credentials protection and integration with EDR.

Next generation technologies in a completely new design

According to the study done be Kaspersky Lab and B2B International in 2017: attacks on enterprises in the Middle East, Turkey and South Africa remain extremely costly to recover from. Organisations in the region had to pay up to $1.5M for incidents involving electronic data leaks from their internal systems, and more than $1M for incidents affecting suppliers that they share data with.

Keeping in mind a high cost of a security breach for an enterprises and to maintain the highest standards of protection, which have been proven by independent researchers and thousands of customers worldwide, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business continues to evolve its detection techniques. This year’s innovation is supported with enhanced dynamic machine learning, allowing the detection of malicious activity in real-time. Other next generation technologies in the product include: Behavioral Detection, HIPS, Exploit Prevention and Remediation Engine.

A variety of broader security controls is supplemented with new capabilities. Those include an added mechanism that guards system-critical processes and prevents credential leakage against the use of mimikatz-like tools. Combined with other measures, this helps to protect businesses from current trending threats, like WannaMine, that hijack computers and use their resources to mine cryptocurrencies.

Vulnerability and Patch Management component allows for automated vulnerability elimination, including detection and prioritization, patch and update downloads, testing and distribution. This reduces the risk of vulnerabilities in popular software being used by cybercriminals. Due to its automation features, this component also relieves security teams from unnecessary manual routine related to systems management and makes the process transparent.

The completely redesigned user interface visualizes layers of protection and security components, showing the status and effectiveness of various next generation technologies — which allows customers to make sure that each protection layer is enabled and working.

Granular security management and complete visibility

Every organization’s IT is a unique mix of systems, networks and devices — and IT security needs to fit into existing infrastructure and protect every element of it. New Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business adds a wide variety of security controls for servers that are managed from a single point — including extended protection from ransomware, external traffic protection and Default Deny mode for Microsoft Windows Server, Exploit Prevention and Firewall configuration. These capabilities, available for both workstations and servers, allow for unified security management on the customer’s side.

A new level of visibility is achieved through full native integration with Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response. Due to this innovation, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business in combination with Kaspersky EDR can be used as an endpoint EDR agent for collection of metadata and IoCs. This innovation benefits businesses’ abilities to conduct a thorough investigation and remediation, should a serious cybersecurity incident occur.

Mobility management improvements include enhanced visibility through monitoring of protection across devices, simplified deployment and management via third-party EMM-systems for Android devices.

Scalability and flexible deployment on the customer’s side

The new version takes another major step towards improving manageability and deployment for customers among larger businesses. The product now brings Enterprise-ready scalability allowing for the management of up to 100,000 endpoints through a single server installation.

Combined with optimized performance and reduced resource consumption in the new light Cloud mode, this makes the product suitable for a company of any size and security needs: from mid segment to large corporations.

Alex Tai, CEO and Team Principal, DS Virgin Racing, comments: ‘We’re excited to partner with Kaspersky Lab. We all know that motorsport comes with inherent risks both sporting and technical, as such it is crucial to have the utmost confidence in every aspect of security and safety. We’re glad to find a trusted partner that takes away our cybersecurity concerns through proven quality of its products and technologies.’

Dmitry Aleshin, VP, Product Marketing at Kaspersky Lab, says: ‘While many cybersecurity companies are reshuffling their best-selling technologies to combat the same threats, business security needs are changing with the growing importance of data, business continuity and a never-ending quest for greater efficiency. Even with the most advanced anti-malware protection in place, there are still risks and security challenges that are unique for every organization. That’s why we continue to evolve our flagship product by enhancing its award-winning protection with more capabilities for all-encompassing security management.’

The product is available globally under both traditional and subscription licensing. Kaspersky Lab’s partners can address all regional pricing inquiries. More information about Kaspersky Security for Business and particular applications inside each edition is available on the website.

Enterprises in META region realize the importance of security and choose Kaspersky Lab products to protect their businesses, among them are well-known retailers such as E-bebek and Collezione in Turkey and University of Lagos in Nigeria.

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