All new Toyota Camry arrives in Saudi Arabia

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Published January 9th, 2012 - 11:38 GMT

The all-new Camry 2012 is now available in Toyota showrooms across the Kingdom. The all-new Camry debuts with a sophisticated, sporty design, a more spacious interior, improved driving dynamics and an even quieter ride.

“The all new Camry 2012 in its seventh generation will build on the strong foundation and heritage that previous generations have set and made the Camry one of the best-selling and most loved car in Saudi Arabia and the world.  Since its global debut in 1982, the Camry has come to be embraced not only for its high level of performance as a standard mid-size sedan, but also for its high level of QDR (Quality, Durability, and Reliability),” said Faisal Abdulla, Vice President at ALJ. “In particular, its identity as a vehicle with excellent ride comfort and quietness has become widely known, and it has established an unshakeable presence in the standard mid-size sedan market. The Camry has been sold in the Middle East since 1992, with more than 800,000 units sold to date in this region.”

The new Camry’s progressive exterior styling is achieved through combining rationality and aerodynamic performance with a low, sporty design. Discussing the development of the new model, Yukihiro Okane, Chief Engineer, said: “The new Camry is the first of Toyota’s ‘New ERA Sedan Concept’ where ERA not only signifies a vehicle to usher in a new era, but also stands for “Emotional” and “Rational”. In addition to improving the Rational aspects such as QDR, quietness and ride comfort, the new model has emotional appeal – an interior that projects an immediate feeling of excellence and a driving experience that everyone can appreciate.”

The low front design features headlamps and a front grille laid out in a straight line for a wide, sporty look. Character lines sweep back seamlessly from the front bumper towards the sides and rear, expressing energetic sportiness. The side roofline and shoulder line have been given a forward-leaning wedge. A more strongly curved door cross-section and more defined rocker panel moldings deliver a more expressive feel.

The front and rear corners of the bumpers have been changed to an aerocorner design. The rear design in the new Camry echoes the front in its expression of width, for a style that exudes sportiness and a progressive feel.

A strong focus was put on the interior of the new Camry. It has a more inviting interior, with more luxurious textures and materials as well as a greater perception of space.

A new dashboard design, modified seat locations, redesigned seats and “lean door”, pillar and headliner trim all combine to add space and improve visibility. The accelerator pedal and front seats have been moved forward while the rear-seat hip-point has moved back, increasing the couple distance by 15mm (the length between the hip points of occupants in the front and rear seats). Together with clever sculpting of the new front seatbacks, rear knee room has been improved by 46mm.The geometric forms and soft luxurious materials such as a genuine leather steering wheel grip and an instrument panel, that adopts a soft pad with real stitching and a wood panel, offers interior styling that is a class above previous generations of Camrys.

In addition the new Camry features a newly adopted easy to operate display audio system, a newly adopted USB port to connect and control iPod devices and USB-compatible audio devices, and a new 6-speaker sound system to allow users to enjoy an intense sound experience.

The Camry 2012 comes along with more powerful performance and a more efficient fuel consumption. The new 2.5 litre four-cylinder petrol engine delivers more responsive performance and better fuel economy. Toyota’s new engine boosts the Camry’s power by more than 15 per cent and torque by more than 8 per cent – solid gains in the mid-range segment. While achieving more power and torque, the new Camry uses substantially less fuel – a significant 10 per cent less.

The greater use of high-tensile steel and the introduction of even stronger high-tensile sheet steel results in a stronger but lighter body, which also contributes to better fuel economy.

Furthermore, the new range is equipped exclusively with a six-speed automatic transmission that realizes sporty driving by offering a sequential manual shift mode using the gearshift lever.

 The new Camry’s quiet interior space has been designed to eliminate noises that might compromise personal comfort. The optimum placement of sound-insulating materials and the adoption of acoustic glass in the new Camry realize a cabin environment where a conversation can be held normally, even when driving at high speeds.

A more rigid body structure, revised suspension and new aerodynamic aids contribute to greater straight-line stability, a crisper steering response and higher overall ride comfort. The tail lights and side-view mirrors incorporate aero-stabilizing fins that create air vortexes that stabilize the body and contribute to handling stability. Under-body aerodynamic elements regulate airflow, also contributing to ride smoothness.

The all-new Camry model features Toyota’s latest electric power steering system. The system regulates assistance based on vehicle speed – light effort for parking and moderate effort at higher speeds. The new system aids fuel economy because electricity is consumed only when power assistance is necessary and it’s more environmentally friendly because there is no hydraulic fuel.

All Camry models are equipped with vehicle stability control, traction control, anti-skid brakes, brake assist and electronic brake-force distribution.

The new Camry is available in a total of 10 colors, including 5 new colors – one of which has been developed exclusively for the Camry.

The legendary partnership between Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) started in 1955 and continues to go from strength to strength, consistently providing its customers with excellence at every level and supporting the exclusive dealership with its kingdom-wide network of sales outlets and service centers.

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