Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) opened an office in the "Africa City of Technology ACT" in Khartoum

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Published January 9th, 2012 - 10:22 GMT
Arab Science and Technology Foundation
Arab Science and Technology Foundation

ASTF opened a new branch and representative office in the “Africa City of Technology (ACT) in Khartoum”, under the ASTF policies to support the efforts of sustainable development in Sudan, by employing the science and technology in the different sector in both of economic and Sudanese society. He explained that this decision is consistent with the Arabic policies and orientation of ASTF in the region. The opening of the office, that will be supervised by Dr. Osama Awad Al-Karim, ASTF’s board member and professor, college of Engineering at University of Pennsylvania –USA. The office is the fruit of the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the "Africa City of technology (ACT) in Khartoum", represented by its General Director Dr. Osama Abdel Wahab Rees, and the office will managed by Dr. Ahmed Ebied Hassan. The opening of ASTF’s office in Khartoum was accompanied by the celebration of the Independence Day in Sudan.

Development and cooperative neighborly relations are the way to stability

Dr. Abdalla Alnajjar said that: ASTF aims to serve the Arab nation and objectives of the pan-Arab development and building the knowledge society and economy, and thus ASTF supports Arab efforts to advance sustainable development in Sudan, which is the southern gateway to the Arab world. There are ambitious development projects will be announced later, which was obtained on the patronage and support of the League of Arab States. He Stressed that the development efforts and cooperative neighborly relations, is the way to achieve the stability and the interests of the Sudanese people in the south and north, away from the rage. He pointed out that Sudan have the resources and tremendous natural resources, and ASTF in order to develop a plan of priorities, through the employment of science and technology, recruitment of potential entrepreneurial creativity for young people, and the ideal investment and use of natural resources such as water, arable land, energy and especially renewable and other natural resources,  support of Sudanese women in science and technology,  provide the appropriate environment for small and medium enterprises SME for the development and growth,  the development of science and technology policies in Sudan, and support the Sudanese scientific and technological society including the scientists, researchers and inventors.

Sudan "virgin land" and science is necessary to take advantage of idle resources

In this context, Dr. Osama Abdel Wahab Rees, General Director of ACT “Africa City of Technology” in Sudan said that ASTF has an international and regional status and reputation. The ASTF with ACT will support economic and social development programs based science and technology. He mentioned that Sudan is a "virgin land", and there are a lot of untapped resources and off, in agricultural, industrial, educational, research and other fields. We (ACT) aim that the employment of the Science and Technology achieve the public interest of the Sudanese people, especially as we work to “transform the ideas into value and innovation to development”, this is the heart of ASTF objectives and programs.

The expertise of Arab scientists at home and abroad

For its part, Prof. Osama Awad Al-Karim, Supervisor of ASTF’s office in Khartoum and professor in the college of engineering, Pennsylvania State University-USA, referred that it is time for the real attention an interest in developing Sudan, which can be a real added value to the Arab region, especially as the intentions are pure and powerful, the Arabs scientists, investors and entrepreneurs in the Arab countries as well as in the Western countries are ready to employ their international expertise in the benefit of Sudan, to support the sustainable development efforts in Sudan, for the benefit of its citizens. The employment of the science and technology will be concretized in: development of the domestic markets, attract new companies, create new jobs, as well as improving the standard of living.

Offices Map of Science and Technology in the Arab and Western Countries

At another level, Dr. Ghada M. Amer, Vice President of the Arab Science and Technology Foundation said that there are some ambitious projects with the regional dimensions and international, ASTF will organize in, including the preparations to organize the second international conference of Arab women in science and technology, the first conference was hosted in Dubai, UAE. She referred that this new ASTF office in Khartoum will be added to the ASTF map offices in the Arab countries, that located in: the United Arab Emirates, where the headquarters and representative offices in: Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco, as well as a representative office in Washington DC, in United State of America. Dr. Ghada Amer mentioned that ASTF is planning to open new two offices soon in Kingdom in Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Science and the accumulation of wealth for present and future generations

Dr Ahmed Ebeid Hassan, director of ASTF office in Khartoum said that the study of Sudanese society revealed that the future development based on knowledge, resources employment in Sudan must achieve the accumulation of wealth for present and future generations, through the support to the entrepreneurs and innovators, the emphasis on women's participation in development efforts. He stressed that ASTF office in Khartoum is a strong support to achieve these goals.

Background Information

Arab Science and Technology Foundation

ASTF is an independent, non-profit non-governmental organization (ngo), which works regionally and Internationally to encourage investment in Science and Technology.

ASTF was founded upon recommendations raised from 375 scientists from inside and outside Arab world who attend “Scientific Research Outlook and technology development in the Arab world” symposium that held by Sharjah University during 24th-26th April 2000, as its establishment was declared in the closing session of the Symposium upon the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council of the UAE, Ruler of Sharjah.

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