Arabic & English training programmes introduced for the development of professionals in the UAE

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Published January 28th, 2013 - 10:28 GMT
Eton Institute
Eton Institute

In an increasingly competitive environment where employees are the key differentiators, organisations have to continually raise the talent and skills set of their employees. It does not take a lot to manage a business, however to effectively manage a highly successful business is a feat that few people accomplish. Professional development training empowers individuals to develop the essential skills that result in business success.

Eton Institute understands the importance and impact of business relevant training for organisations, and offers professional development training in both English and Arabic to suit the individual training needs of any company in the UAE.

“Leadership and management should be an organised system of professional skills that embodies named principles. This is the core idea behind our training. Our goal is to help businesses define the correct management principles and show how to make them work in practice. Practical, relevant and interactive, our Professional Development courses and workshops enhance business communication and the skills necessary to interact effectively in a professional, international business environment.” commented Alison Johnson, Corporate Account Manager at Eton Institute.

Training in Arabic and English enables popular workshops conducted by Eton Institute such as; Business Skills, Management and Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, Oral Communication and Public Speaking can now be relevant to both Arabic and English speakers in any organisation. The workshops offer participants a rich tapestry of business practices, skills, knowledge and tools used in the business world in a language that is understood by the wider audience and not limited by language barriers.

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Eton Institute

We operate with the understanding that languages, communication and culture are fundamental to the human experience and necessary for individuals’ and organizations’ future success. Offering solutions in over 160 Languages since 2006, we have helped thousands of individuals and companies resolve communication challenges through customized solutions, with operations in the UAE.

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