Axis offers a cost-efficient, highly discreet four-camera surveillance solution for retail and office market

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Published September 17th, 2015 - 06:52 GMT

AXIS F34 Surveillance System is an easy-to-install, highly discreet four-camera surveillance system that is ideal for small stores and offices. The solution comes with all the necessary hardware and software for a complete and integrated remote video monitoring and management system.

Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, today adds AXIS F34 Main Unit to its flexible and modular AXIS F Series. Together with previously launched products, the company is now able to introduce AXIS F34 Surveillance System, a complete hardware and software package that allows for easy setup of a highly discreet HDTV surveillance system covering four closely situated indoor areas.

“With AXIS F34 Surveillance System, we’ve focused on putting together a smart and efficient solution that’s easy to buy, install and use,” says Roy Alves, Business Development Manager, Middle East and Africa. “Everything that’s required for a video surveillance system is in one box. Small business owners get a highly discreet four-camera surveillance system with easy and secure remote monitoring and management, even from mobile devices.”

AXIS F34 Surveillance System

AXIS F34 Surveillance System includes one AXIS F34 Main Unit with an external power supply and four thumb-sized AXIS F1004 Sensor Units that can be discreetly recessed- or surface-mounted on ceilings and walls using the included accessories. Also supplied are two AXIS Surveillance microSDXC Card 64 GB (with SD card adaptors) that are specifically engineered to handle continuous overwriting for lasting performance. The cards are compatible with AXIS F34 Main Unit’s built-in SD card slots for local storage of recordings and enable the system to run independently without the need for an external PC or a recording device for day-to-day operation. Another important component of the system is the use of the freely downloadable video management software, AXIS Camera Companion 3.10, for easy and secure remote monitoring and management from any device with the software application.

The system operates efficiently with two Axis 64 GB cards that allow one to two week’s worth of video recording to be retained before overwriting takes place. Recording and storage are optimized, thanks to smart programs and technologies in AXIS F34 Main Unit and AXIS Camera Companion 3.10 that enable:

  • Automatic configuration of AXIS F34 Main Unit for recording based on video motion detection
  • Support for Video Motion Detection 3, a video analytic program that has a false alarm filter to ignore motion such as swaying trees and small animals so that it can reliably detect moving objects of interest
  • Axis’ Zipstream technology, a more efficient implementation of the H.264 video encoder that can lower bandwidth and storage use by an average of 50% or more for many surveillance scenarios

AXIS F Series

AXIS F34 is part of a series of products that is based on a divided network camera concept, where the camera is split into a sensor unit, made up of a lens and image sensor with a cable, and a main unit, which is the body of the camera. The cable connects the sensor unit with the main unit and gives installers the flexibility to mount the small sensor unit discreetly or in tight places, while the main unit can be placed elsewhere where there is space. Four-channel main units such as AXIS F34 can connect to four sensor units at a time.

With AXIS F34 Surveillance System, the four AXIS F1004 Sensor Units can be installed in four different indoor locations up to 15 m (49 ft.) away from the AXIS F34 Main Unit. Since AXIS F1004 supports 720p resolution, the main unit can simultaneously stream full frame rate HDTV 720p videos from the four connected sensor units through its one Ethernet port.

When AXIS F34 Main Unit is used with 1080p AXIS F Sensor Units, the main unit can stream 1080p videos at 12.5/15 frames per second (50/60 Hz) or 720p videos at full frame rate (25/30 fps) from each channel. AXIS F34 also supports quad view streaming, which combines four separate views from the connected sensor units into one for simultaneous viewing.

Besides Axis’ Zipstream technology and Video Motion Detection 3, AXIS F34 Main Unit supports active tampering alarm and third-party applications based on the AXIS Camera Application Platform. The main unit can be powered using Power over Ethernet or an external power supply. 

Available now for sale, and the 3.10 version of AXIS Camera Companion will be available in October.

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