Bank al Etihad Moves Towards Disabled-Friendly Facilities by Partnering with Accessible Jordan

Press release
Published April 2nd, 2019 - 10:12 GMT
Bank al Etihad partnered with Accessible Jordan
Bank al Etihad partnered with Accessible Jordan

Recognizing the challenges persons with disabilities face throughout the various aspects of their lives, Bank al Etihad partnered with Accessible Jordan to minimize these obstacles starting from within the Bank - consequently promoting accessibility and ensuring inclusion for all clients, particularly those with physical disabilities.

Under the mutual partnership, Accessible Jordan will extend a set of services and recommendations that actively improve the facilities and areas at several Bank al Etihad branches, ultimately creating a more convenient and welcoming environment that accommodates the individual needs of people with disabilities. Employees will also receive awareness and training sessions on disability, accessibility and inclusion - equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to present all Bank al Etihad clients with optimal services.

Background Information

Bank al Etihad

Bank al Etihad was founded in 1978 as a public shareholding company, and has been moving steadily towards boosting its financial status and profitability.

The Bank continues to implement its calculated strategy of client base expansion, risk diversification through widening its range of services and targeting groups from both the retail and corporate sectors.

The Bank attracts a qualified team of young Jordanian professionals and combines a team of experts working relentlessly to further enhance the Bank’s overall achievements, striving for more progress and prosperity to achieve the Bank’s ambitious objectives for the coming years.

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