BenQ’s Projectors Achieve Spectacular Performance in Q3 2017

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Published December 7th, 2017 - 09:02 GMT
BenQ reported an astounding sale of 55,000 units in the first ten months of 2017, cementing its position as no. 1 player in the projector business.
BenQ reported an astounding sale of 55,000 units in the first ten months of 2017, cementing its position as no. 1 player in the projector business.

BenQ, Global No. 1 DLP projector brand has announced its Q3’17 reports to reveal its spectacular performance in the projector segment. With a majority of the market share captured in the projector segment, it has emerged as the #1 brand across the Middle East and Turkey region improving its market share and setting new standards for customer satisfaction.

With its remarkable product launch of home cinema projector range, BenQ reported an astounding sale of 55,000 units in the first ten months of 2017, cementing its position as No. 1 player in the projector business. The firm has held the top slot since 2009 with a massive 25% share of the world market. It holds an enviable position in the educational projector segment, with the coveted top slot in its favour since 2007. It holds approximately 30% of the world market share in this segment. With the high precedence set, BenQ is now looking to surpass this benchmark in the coming quarter.

Overall, BenQ has been on an upward inclined sales graph from Q1’17 and by the end of Q3’17, it succeeded in acquiring largest market share in the projector business with an impressive 23.60% SoM in Middle East and Turkey region.

The company’s market share increase was also seen in KSA with SoM of 46%

Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East & Turkey, commenting on this achievement says, “Needless to say, we are pleased with the way the third quarter of 2017 has shaped up. Getting to the top of projector segment in not one, but three markets is certainly an achievement. Not only have we done well with respect to the market shares but the standalone figure of 55,000 units sold in just ten months is also a notable feat. Going forward, we hope to replicate and even surpass our performance by staying focused on perfecting our offerings to provide the right balance between functionality and design.”

BenQ, a brand with a wide range of products that combine design and technology to provide innovative viewing experiences. Functional and convenient, their products have found an audience of both professional and household users. They have come forth as pioneers in the segment with their constant innovation and commitment to excellence.

Currently, they have more than 70 projector models to cater to a wide variety of AV needs. For professionals looking for projectors for Auditoriums, Theatres and Events, BenQ has a range of laser and normal lamp installation projectors. They also have short and ultra-short throw projectors to enhance Classroom Learning. Their special projectors come with wireless and LAN connectivity, ideal for office use. To take your living room cinema experience up a notch, their video projectors incorporates 4K resolution and are compact and portable for easy handling. Economical and multi-purpose, their range is ideal for the leisurely user or the dedicated professional.

With the launch of innovative and exceptional projector ranges like W11000, X12000, W1610UST and W8000 for home-cinema viewing, each offering distinctive advantages geared towards speedy growth for this segment. Providing theatre-like feel at home, BenQ has managed to unleash a new cinematic experience like never before

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