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Published December 22nd, 2015 - 08:41 GMT
Piano Table Light
Piano Table Light

BenQ Middle East and Turkey, the internationally renowned provider of world-leading human technology and solutions, has unveiled new designs in its QisDesign brand of premium LED lamps. Style conscious consumers in the UAE can enjoy the new line of award-winning table, floor, wall, and suspension lamps from QisDesign. This sophisticated line of LED lamps provides elegant designs and consume low energy.

According to Manish Bakshi Managing Director BenQ Middle East and Turkey: “The QisDesign brand philosophy is “imagine another possibility” as we combine innovative LED technology with sophisticated and imaginative designs.”

Below are the new designs being introduced:

Table Lamp: BE light

One of the Table Lamp models is BE Light. The BE Light is an LED desk lamp that folds. With a clever hinge design, it can be fully extended to provide adequate task lighting with white LED. When not in use, it can be folded flat to a minimum height of 1.8 cm, taking up the least amount of space on a desk.

Floor Lamp: Seagull Light

Seagull Light Inspired by seagull, The Seagull Light uses power-saving LED as lighting  source. Imitating the wing flapping, users can adjust brightness and angle by turning the knobs. The knobs on the lamp provides easy adjustment for consumers, the front one for dimming function and the back one for lighting angle adjustment. The Seagull Light offers smooth lighting by eliminating possible glaring issue often seen in LED lighting fixtures. It makes the lamp suitable for home use.

Suspension Light: Infinito

The Infinito Light is the best LED modern chandelier of QisDesign for dining room and serves both as illuminating and atmospheric lighting function. Inspired by the symbol of infinity “∞”, the design lamp is segregate for different functionality through an elegant and simple twist; the big loop delivers warm white light for reading, while the other splendid neon allows you to create your own atmosphere freely. Embedded with sensors, the modern chandelier can detect the movement of hands to adjust brightness and color of light in a variety of ways. Set the mind through colors and dim the light as you wish; there is no limit to your imagination.

The sleek design of Infinito is coated with aluminum alloy to expresses your unique taste. Thanks to the special light guide technology, Infinito can distribute the LED Light evenly, eliminating all concerns over glare. You can immerse yourself in the soft, comfortable and homely ambience.

Table Lamp: Hatha

An exquisite combination of rubber and metal, The Hatha Light is an LED table lamp that bends as human body. With a flexible spine embedded in the rubber lamp body, the lamp allows users to adjust The Hatha Light freely at different angle and height to meet various needs.

Adopted with high power LEDs and lens design, the Hatha Light delivers sufficient brightness for reading use, and reach high light efficiency.

Table Lamp: Piano

Inspired by the piano, the Piano Light, an LED lighting fixture, allows users to play the light as if they were playing the piano. Utilizing LED’s low-temperature characteristic, which makes it possible to touch the product’s surface without being burned, the Piano Light allows consumers to interact with the light.

The illumination is made possible by a special light guide technique, another living example of how QisDesign brings technology into home décor products. Not only is it fun to play, it also provides enough illumination for reading. Its piano-like sleek feel, coupled with the fun-to-play interface, brings consumers an amazing experience.

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