BenQ unveils first flicker-free LED monitor in the Middle East region

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Published April 16th, 2013 - 07:31 GMT

Leading the industry with its innovative technologies, BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, has launched its first flicker-free monitor with powerful energy-saving solution in the Middle Eastern region.

A leader in the monitor segment, BenQ’s newest27-inch GW2760HS VA LED monitor features a sophisticated slim design packed with innovative flicker-free technology. It’s 3000:1 native contrast and true 8-bit panel provides premium visual enjoyment for home or office use.

The Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is diagnosed as a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for protracted uninterrupted periods of time.  Eye fatigues are also caused by flickering backlight can result in headaches, eye strain and blurred vision brought by prolonged computer use.

“BenQ is proud to have our R&D into producing digital lifestyle solutions promoting better health while bringing better visual enjoyment to our customers,” Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East said. “BenQ effectively eliminated flickering at all brightness levels by replacing the conventional Pulse Width Modulation LED backlight that makes GW2760HS easier on the eyes when a computer is used for extended periods

“It has been proven that flicker-free technology reduces eye fatigue and this emerging technology is certain to provide a health benefit to all people who spend long hours using conventional LED monitors,” Bakshi added.

The flicker-free technology benefits not only computer screens but also smartphones, PDAs, televisions and all digital panels. Bakshi furthered, “Though the technology is still new, there is no great expense added to the overall purchase price of the screen so upgrading to this new computer monitor for the sake of health doesn’t come at a great cost.”

BenQ GW2760HS LED monitor is compact with a high-gloss frame and base stand, curvaceous neck and carbon fibre-patterned exterior rear. It also features a slim 11.5mm bezel and chassis designwith easy access bottom mounted controls.

Its true 8-bit panel renders a total of 16.7 million colour shades compared to a 6-bit panel, which is only able to achieve merely 2% of a similar range of colours, delivering smoother and more stable transition from one colour to the next.

GW2760HS also has a Senseye® Reading Mode that recreates the comfortable experience of reading actual books by adjusting the monitor’s colour temperature and brightness levels, as well as balancing its contrast ratio and sharpness to simulate the look of paperback paper. It is also packed with True Blacks thatminimised light leakage that bring out flawlessly layered and precisely contrasted details in even the darkest images along with the Colour Shift-free Technology that perfects skin tone by reducing the visibility of colour washout, or colour shift between normal and oblique viewing angles.

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