BenQ targets amateur photographers with its own MagiQ filter- innovated digital cameras

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Published December 12th, 2012 - 07:26 GMT
BenQ MagiQ Filter
BenQ MagiQ Filter

Appealing to amateur and professional photographers, BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, strengthened its digital camera range with artistic and innovative features to give stunning and high quality photos. 

Among the key features in BenQ cameras is its very own MagiQ filter, which applies contrast and gradation enhancement in combination with HDR-like effects that transforms any shots into beautiful painting-like pictures. The MagiQ filter drastically improves dark areas within a photograph, and produces a surreal-looking artwork even for the most ordinary of scenes.   

Another interesting feature is the Watercolor effect that makes photo into a painting canvass. This feature is also available for video recording at resolutions with 720p. BenQ cameras are also packed with different scenes selections such as Lomo, Fisheye, Toy, 360opanorama, HDR-Art, sketch, negative, and oil-painting modes. 

Current BenQ cameras available in the UAE are the world’s first F1.8 Swivel-Screen G1, bridge-type GH600 and GH700, and Full-HD camera LR100 & LR200. G1 camera’s 4.6x optical lens, complemented by a 24mm wide-angle lens and lens-shift OIS, can take beautiful bokeh photos with a shallow depth of field that significantly blurs the background to produce surreal and professional imagery. 

The Full-HD cameras LR series allows an action sequence shot with a poster of 16 photos or a trio of shots with varied exposures. Meanwhile, the GH series has 21x Super Zoom lens providing a broad focal range from 25mm wide angle to 525mm telephoto (equivalent on a 35mm camera) and a back-illuminated BSI CMOS sensor that minimizes the noise level by up to 50%, delivering stunning results in low-light situations. 

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