BMW Group appoints new Sales and Marketing Director for Middle East Region – Ralf Bissinger

Press release
Published December 30th, 2014 - 06:10 GMT

BMW Group has today announced that Ralf Bissinger will succeed Alexander Eftimov as Sales and Marketing Director for BMW Group in the Middle East. The change will be effective as of January 2015 with Eftimov taking on a leadership role as departmental head within International Corporate, Direct and Special Sales. 

Bissinger brings considerable expertise to the Middle East with more than 25 years' experience within BMW Group. Since 2010, he has been Sales and Marketing Director for BMW Group Thailand and was previously Sales and Marketing Director for BMW Group India. Prior to that, he held a number of senior marketing positions including Marketing General Manager for BMW Asia, Singapore and Importer Region, Marketing General Manager for BMW Group M in Munich, Germany, and Regional Sales Manager for the America Region for BMW M, also in Munich. He was also Product and Market Planning Manager for BMW Australia. 

Commenting on Bissinger’s appointment, Johannes Seibert, Managing Director for BMW Group Middle East, said: "Ralf is an experienced executive with a broad international background, extensive knowledge of the BMW Group brands, and marketing expertise – he will play a crucial part in achieving our goal to strengthen our number 1 position in the Middle East premium automotive segment even further in 2015 and beyond. I look forward to welcoming Ralf as a member of our management team.”

During Alexander Eftimov's tenure in the Middle East, the company witnessed double digit sales growth in the region. 2013 was its best-ever annual sales results, with 24,596 cars sold to customers, a 15% increase over 2012 figures. It was also the third consecutive record-breaking year, which reaffirms the company's position as the most successful premium automotive manufacturer and leader in its premium segment, globally and in the Middle East.

BMW Group Middle East has continued the trend into 2014 with January – October sales across the region achieving an impressive 21% sales increase. 

Seibert also took the opportunity to thank Eftimov for his contribution to the success of the regional operation: "I would like to congratulate Alexander on his exciting new role, and thank him for his outstanding contribution to our business here in the Middle East. We wish him continued success in his new position."

Background Information

BMW Group

The special fascination of the BMW Group not only lies in its products and technology, but also in the company’s history, written by inventors, pioneers and brilliant designers. Today, the BMW Group, with its 30 production and assembly facilities in 14 countries as well as a global sales network, is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles and motorcycles, and provider of premium financial and mobility services.

القوات العراقية والأهالي يصدون هجوما لداعش في "صلاح الدين"

Published February 23rd, 2019 - 09:42 GMT
قوات عراقية
قوات عراقية

أعلنت خلية الإعلام الأمني الحكومية، اليوم السبت، عن تصدى القوات الأمنية العراقية وأهالي قرية النمل جنوب الشرقاط بمحافظة صلاح الدين، لهجوم شنه مسلحون تابعون لتنظيم "داعش" الإرهابي.

وقال بيان للخلية "تمكن أهالي قرية النمل في الشرقاط بالتعاون مع قوات الحشد والشرطة، بالتصدي لمجموعة إرهابية ترتدي أحزمة ناسفة حاولوا الاعتداء على المدنيين".

وأضاف "تم إسناد أهالي القرية بإرسال قوة قتالية من اللواء 51 الحشد الشعبي".

من جهته أفاد مصدر أمني لـRT بمقتل ما لا يقل عن خمسة عناصر من "داعش" خلال الاشتباكات التي جرت ليلة أمس

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