Braun Beauty unveils hair style trends for 2014

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Published March 12th, 2014 - 06:33 GMT

Braun, the leading brand for electrical appliances released 7 on-trend styles for the middle eastern woman, carefully selected by Braun’s Celebrity Hairstylist, Sascha Breuer, using influences from global fashion weeks and red carpet events. 

The looks chosen for the region were met by huge support from the region’s style leaders and have enthusiastically been adopted by the likes of Nilo Haq, from beauty sensation Jeddah Beauty Blog, Diala Makki, presenter of Mashaheer Show on Dubai TV and Alaa Blakhy, Saudi fashion designer and founder of her hand-bag label, Fyunka..

According to the celebrity stylist, hair styles accented with braids, voluminous up-dos, sleek chignons and vintage waves will be on the hair agenda for 2014. Clavicuts, i.e. medium to short, feminine styles also take centre stage this season, a trend which has already been seen on many celebrities. 

Sascha carefully selected 7 hair trends to showcase during his tour in Dubai which would suit the needs of the ultra-glamorous and increasingly global fashion palate of the region. 

“Women in the middle east take pride in their beauty, and are one of the most glamorous in the world. However the region’s women often face issues when it comes to dry, brittle hair due to overuse of heat-stylers”, explained Sascha Breuer. 

“I have carefully developed these 7 hair-styles to help women sport sophisticated, trendy looks, while protecting their hair from heat damage, thanks to Braun’s intelligent styler, SensoCare,” he stated. 

“As a busy TV presenter my schedule demands that I look camera-ready at all times, which means my hair needs to look picture perfect,” said Diala Makki, presenter of Mashaheer Show on Dubai TV. 

“I always thought that salon-perfect styles would come at a price of hair damage, and subjected my hair to very high temperatures to achieve style. Now thanks to Braun and Sascha’s guidance I now know that fashionable styles can be achieved without damage, thanks to innovative stylers like Braun SensoCare,” exuded Diala. 

The scientists at Braun have developed ground-breaking SensoCare technology, which delivers the perfect styling temperature for you based on a group of factors unique to your hair. These include its condition, thickness, length and moisture level. Braun SensoCare takes all of these into consideration and adapts its temperature to suit individual needs, from root to tip, so hair can retain moisture levels for healthy, long-lasting style without limits.

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