Braun celebrates 90 years of German quality and excellence

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Published December 7th, 2011 - 08:44 GMT
Braun celebrate 90 years of continued success
Braun celebrate 90 years of continued success

Braun, the world’s leading producer of electric appliances is delighted to celebrate 90 years of continued success, positively improving the daily lives of millions of consumers around the world. Founded by Max Braun in 1921 in Frankfurt/Germany, Braun today is a globally successful brand and the world market leader in the foil shaver, epilator and handblender segments.  

Over the past 90 years Braun has created a brand which exemplifies German quality, design development, unparalleled engineering and leading innovation. Remaining true to these core values, Braun continues to increase its power of innovation over the long term and underscores the strategic significance of its expertise in electric appliances within the P&G group. 

Braun was first introduced in the Middle East some 45 years ago, first in Egypt, then in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and was quick to establish special significance in the region for its top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. Over the years Braun has grown to become a trusted and revered German brand name in the segments of male and female grooming, providing the region with innovative, and premium hair styling and grooming products including the Braun Series 7 shavers, Braun Silk.Epil epilators and Braun IONTEC hair styling range to name a few. 

Braun kitchen appliances continue their reign in the region. Not only do dedicated housewives swear by this brand, but even regional celebrity Chef and TV personality, Chef Osama El-Sayed pledges by Braun’s range of Household appliances. 

“Braun has gained trust in the region as a brand that personifies German quality and design. Using Braun appliances has greatly added to the pleasure and satisfaction of my culinary journey”, says avid Braun fan, Chef Osama. 

Braun is well-equipped for the future, as Bushra Iqbal, Brand Manger, Braun, Arabian Peninsula, explains: “The basis of Braun’s success lies in the consistent realization of our core equity values. In our product development we stress pioneering innovation, premium quality, and clear, distinctive design. The consumer and his needs are the starting point of all our efforts. They are our motivation in developing new technologies of high practical value and creating products that are of reliable, enduring quality right down to the smallest detail.” 

To celebrate Braun’s 90th anniversary, the brand will be providing anniversary discounts and bundle offers across electronic stores and hypermarkets in KSA starting November 2011, while these exciting offers will hit UAE stores in December this year to coincide with the festive shopping season. 

Braun enjoys a special significance as a trusted electric appliances brand with millions of customers around the world including:

-  “Braun is a brand that I like. It’s a brand with prestige” – José Mourinho, Football Manager, Real Madrid

As Braun has incorporated Iontec and style safe technology in their styling devices, experimenting and playing with your hair styles has never been more fun, exciting and safe”Sacha Breuer, Celebrity Hairstylist

- "As a breakdancer, expressing my own style is what matters the most, my moves and my looks have helped me become the world no.1 and looking cool and beards are a part of this, and with the new Braun cruZer range all I have to worry about are my new move” – Ronnie Abaldonado, World number 1 Breakdancer

I love the Braun Silk.Epil 7 Dual Epilator…whether I’m on the catwalk, at a fashion shoot or just relaxing with friends I’ve got perfectly smooth skin that won’t let me down” – Maria Gregersen, International Supermodel

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Germany-based Braun GmbH is part of Procter and Gamble and manufactures a wide variety of products that marry technical innovation, reliable quality and distinctive design, ranging from electric shavers, beauty products to household appliances. Braun products enjoy worldwide distribution.

طبيب لبناني يتعرض لصدمة قوية إثر قتله مريضته الطفلة بعد علاجها دون قصد!

Published February 23rd, 2019 - 10:43 GMT
طبيب لبناني يتعرض لصدمة قوية.. بعدما وصف لمريضته الطفله العلاج قتلها بدون قصد!
طبيب لبناني يتعرض لصدمة قوية.. بعدما وصف لمريضته الطفله العلاج قتلها بدون قصد!

لم يتوقع الطبيب المُعالج أن الطفلة التي كشف عليها وكتب لها العلاج ستلاقي حتفها على يديه، ففي حادثة غريبة شهدتها لبنان، فبعد قيام أحد الأطباء بفحص طفلة 3 سنوات ومعاينتها وكتابة العلاج المناسب لها، صادف أن ينتهي دوام الطبيب وقت خروج الطفلة ووالدتها من المستشفى.

وبشكل مفاجئ قامت الطفلة بالافلات من يد والدتها وركضت في الشارع في اللحظة التي كان بها الطبيب يقود سيارته، ودون أن ينتبه لها قام بدهسها مما أدى إلى وفاتها.

لم يستطع الطبيب تحمل الصدمة حتى انه لم ينظر للطفلة بعد الدهس، ووقع على الأرض من هول الصدمة وتم نقله للمستشفى من أجل تلقي العلاج بسبب الصدمة الكبيرة التي تعرض لها.

وحتى هذه اللحظة لم يتم الكشف عن مصير الطبيب وفي حال خرج من المستشفى وما هو العقاب الذي يتعرض له، إلا ان الحادثة شكلت صدمة كبيرة في الشارع اللبناني.


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