Burgan Bank Influences Positive Social Change in the Kuwaiti Community Through Support of Sports and Empowering Youth Initiatives

Press release
Published July 30th, 2018 - 10:53 GMT
Tareq Al-Qallaf
Tareq Al-Qallaf

Committed towards progress in the Kuwaiti community, Burgan Bank continues to foster positive youth development through its numerous contributions to sports initiatives. Sponsoring for the fourth consecutive year, the bank has been an avid supporter of the World Champion in Wheelchair Fencing Titleholder “Tareq Al-Qallaf” as his consistent winning performance in international tournaments serves as a core example of how challenges can be overcome. Currently, Tareq is preparing to join the Colorado Springs at the US Olympic Training Centre along with a wide range of global players and renowned stars from the special needs category in August 2018. Followed by ten-day intensive trainings which involves strong power and determination to compete at the "Milwaukee Open" Championship, which will last for three days in October 2018 where he will represent Kuwait. Burgan Bank will continue to annually contribute to the talented national hero’s successful journey as he brings pride to his country and raises the Kuwaiti flag high.

Burgan Bank has long been a patron of sports initiatives that influence positive change and raises awareness in the community about the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Burgan Bank ensures its full-fledged support of maintaining interest as well as providing new opportunities to fulfil the drive of ambitious young Kuwaitis. The bank believes that sports is a universal platform that has the power to unite and influence young minds from diverse cultures and economic backgrounds while helping them build their self-esteem and mutual respect for one another. Sports represent a healthy outlet that demonstrates skill, improves physical wellbeing, and enables a happier co-existence through social interaction and teamwork.

Burgan Bank views sports as a powerful means to community advancement and has sponsored a large number of other nationwide activities in partnership with local charities and non-profit including “SPARK marathon”, the largest charity race event in Kuwait; the first-of-its kind “KBA Night Run” 5KM night run by the Kuwait Banking Association, “Walk-a-thon” to spread awareness on Autism in Kuwait by Autism Partnership - Kuwait; “Human marathon” - a voluntary youth project to integrate special needs with other individuals in the society; “9th Kuwait Open Tennis championship”, “Kuwait National Arabian Horse Festival”, the “Horse Racing Championship” organized by the Hunting and Equestrian Club of Kuwait, followed by the successful two – day  Burgan Bank “Tri-festival”. Burgan Bank will continue to participate in several sporting and social events in the future to help advance health awareness among all segments of society in Kuwait.

Falling in line with its community program, ‘ENGAGE’ – Together to be the change, Burgan Bank sheds light on important aspects affecting every segment of the society by promoting social welfare through educational, cultural, social and health initiatives.  Burgan Bank’s approach to 'ENGAGE' begins with a vital principle that as a Kuwaiti financial institution, its conduct and policies should be aligned with the needs and interests of the Kuwaiti society. 

Background Information

Burgan Bank

Established in 1977, Burgan Bank is the youngest conventional Bank and second largest by assets in Kuwait, with a significant focus on the corporate and financial institutions sectors, as well as having a growing retail, and private bank customer base. Burgan Bank has majority owned subsidiaries in the MENAT region supported by one of the largest regional branch networks. which include Gulf Bank Algeria - AGB (Algeria), Bank of Baghdad - BOB (Iraq & Lebanon),Tunis International Bank – TIB (Tunisia), and fully owned Burgan Bank – Turkey, (collectively known as the “Burgan Bank Group”). Furthermore, Burgan Bank has a present in the UAE through its corporate office (“Burgan Financial Services Limited) which had helped the bank to participate in multiple financing opportunities in the UAE.

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