Burgan Bank sponsors ‘Experience Adventure’ exhibition

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Published October 30th, 2016 - 06:26 GMT
Burgan Bank Experience Adventure
Burgan Bank Experience Adventure

Burgan Bank is proud to announce its recent and major sponsorship of “Experience Adventure”;  an exhibition showcasing all that is related to adventure travel. The 2-day exhibition will be held from 1st – 2nd November 2016 in Marina Waves and will entail showcases, workshops, and many opportunities for the growing adventure travel trend in Kuwait.

The event will bring together outfitters, product providers and avid adventurers to one place, and will help on highlighting solutions to this young nation in response to its thirst for new and unique experiences , through offering trips to different destinations, all operated by seven local operators in Kuwait. Through this exhibition, attendees will get to register for trips, listen to exciting travel stories, attend enlightening workshops, and buy the best adventure products and packages available.

Burgan Bank highlighted that its role in sponsoring such initiatives is sprung from its belief that the current generational innovation in lifestyle and travel demands are contributing positively to creating a young, innovative and vibrant entrepreneurship shift and a positive social, and cultural impact on Kuwait. 

Supporting the evolvement of young entrepreneurship and creative ideas in all its forms and shapes is one of Burgan Bank’s main pillars as a leading financial institution, and with this initiative taking place, the bank hopes it will enhance the quality of life in Kuwait by offering world-standard opportunities of travel, starting from Kuwait.

It is worth mentioning that Burgan Bank's support to this initiative falls under its recently launched full-fledged community program entitled ‘ENGAGE’ – Together to be the change. This program sheds light on important aspects affecting every segment of the society by promoting social welfare through educational, cultural, social and health initiatives.  Burgan Bank’s approach to 'ENGAGE' begins with a vital principle that as a Kuwaiti financial institution, its conduct and policies should be aligned with the needs and interests of the Kuwaiti society.

Background Information

Burgan Bank

Established in 1977, Burgan Bank is the youngest conventional Bank and second largest by assets in Kuwait, with a significant focus on the corporate and financial institutions sectors, as well as having a growing retail, and private bank customer base. Burgan Bank has majority owned subsidiaries in the MENAT region supported by one of the largest regional branch networks. which include Gulf Bank Algeria - AGB (Algeria), Bank of Baghdad - BOB (Iraq & Lebanon),Tunis International Bank – TIB (Tunisia), and fully owned Burgan Bank – Turkey, (collectively known as the “Burgan Bank Group”). Furthermore, Burgan Bank has a present in the UAE through its corporate office (“Burgan Financial Services Limited) which had helped the bank to participate in multiple financing opportunities in the UAE.

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