Careem Becomes First Licensed Ride-Hailing Service in Jordan

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Published July 29th, 2018 - 07:02 GMT
Careem will be able to better fulfill its mission of simplifying lives, impacting economies, and empowering people.
Careem will be able to better fulfill its mission of simplifying lives, impacting economies, and empowering people.

Careem, the leading ride-hailing service in the region, is ushering in a new milestone for Jordan, as it becomes the first smart application ride-hailing service in the Kingdom to obtain full operational licensing. Having fulfilled all the requirements of the country’s new ride-hailing regulations, Careem is now leading the industry in providing residents of Jordan with safe, reliable, affordable transportation options – in complete accordance with the Kingdom’s laws.

With Careem now fully licensed and operational in Jordan, the company is free to begin expanding its local presence, not only providing customers across the country with more accessible transportation, but creating thousands more job opportunities for aspiring Captains. In doing so, Careem will be able to better fulfill its mission of simplifying lives, impacting economies, and empowering people.

Highlighting the importance of this milestone, Careem’s Managing Director for Emerging Markets, Ibrahim Manna, said, “As the first ride-hailing application to obtain the license to operate in Jordan, Careem is ushering in a new era of mobility and opportunity for the Kingdom. Of course this would not have been possible without the support of all involved government entities and regulatory authorities, including the Ministry of Transport, the Land Transport Regulatory Commission, the Minister of State for Investment Affairs, and the Ministry of Telecommunication and information Technology. We are very grateful that all parties have shown such proactive willingness to embrace innovation, as we believe that these kinds of steps can play a major role in spurring further creativity, development, and ingenuity.”

Careem’s General Manager in Levant, Sabri Hakim, elaborated further on the importance of this milestone for the Kingdom, adding, “We at Careem have long recognized Jordan’s extraordinary potential – not only as a strategic ICT hub, but as a country filled with limitless talents and human resources. By obtaining full licensing, Careem is doing more than just providing world-class transportation services, or creating thousands of jobs for local youth: we are actively serving as proof that innovation, creativity, and commitment can create a bright, more prosperous future for the Kingdom and its citizens.”

As one of the Middle East’s most notable start-up success stories, Careem has quickly become a leader for the region’s sharing economy, offering customers a range of reliable, affordable, high-quality transportation options, delivered through an intuitive platform that caters to real-time demand. Established in Dubai in 2012, Careem now operates in more than 120 cities across the greater Middle East. It provides reliable and safe services to more than 24 million users in cooperation with its more than 975,000 Captains.

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Careem is the technology platform for our region. A region of over 600 million people that extends from Morocco to Pakistan, Turkey to Sudan. It’s an area of the world that up until now, has largely missed out on the transformational power of the internet revolution – but through its ambition and focus is catching up fast. Half of the population are under 25, and the same amount are connected to the internet yet only a small proportion have bank accounts, access to public transport and critical infrastructure.


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