CND Solar oil’s super- penetrating formula conditions skin and nails

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Published January 8th, 2012 - 08:07 GMT

With harsh winters leaving the skin around the nails prone to damage and dryness, it’s essential to take special care of dry cuticles and brittle nails. CND - Solar Oil is designed with natural light oils and Vitamin E that deeply penetrate to protect dry cuticles thus resulting in strong and beautifully nourished looking nails.

The Solar oil is infused with a blend of light natural oils- Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond oil and Rice Bran oil. These oils penetrate deeply to soften and protect the cuticles and nails.

Jojoba Oil carries Vitamin E deeply into the cuticles and helps prevent cellular damage and reduce dryness around the nails. Rice Bran and Sweet Almond naturally light oils keep natural nail and Nail enhancements tough and flexible. The naturally light oils help nourish the skin thus leaving them soft and supple. The Solar Oil penetrates through the Nail polish or Nail enhancements and should be used daily, anytime.

This Nail and Cuticle conditioner should be applied daily on the nails and surrounding skin for best desired results. To maintain healthy nails, apply at bedtime and to achieve a high shine apply after buffing natural nails or after a nail enhancement treatment.

Together all these ingredients work to deeply moisturize skin and plasticize nails.

The product is priced at AED 68 for 15 ml.

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Founded in 1979 and based in Vista, CA, CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.) is the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty - including SHELLAC® Brand 14+ Day Nail Color. Deeply committed to advancing the nail care industry, CND devotes significant time and resources to product research and development, education and customer support. CND is an industry-leading advocate for the role of nail care in personal beauty and fashion.

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