Coming Clean: 4 Common Laundry Myths Debunked by Samsung’s QuickDrive Washing Machine

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Published April 2nd, 2018 - 09:57 GMT
QuickDrive™ washing machine designed to make your life easier, you can forget these four laundry myths and save time and energy with every load.
QuickDrive™ washing machine designed to make your life easier, you can forget these four laundry myths and save time and energy with every load.

Of all the household chores you juggle on a day-to-day basis, laundry is probably one of the most time consuming. Before you even start washing, you have to separate the lights and darks, line dry your jeans, pre-treat stains with any number of mom-taught methods that may or may not actually help; and then you have to wait hours for each load to finish and keep track of every cycle throughout the day. Doing laundry takes up a lot of time in your day; and the more steps involved in the process, the more time it takes to get a load done.

But laundry doesn’t have to be so complicated, nor does it have to take so long. More often than not, we spend more time than we need to by taking unnecessary steps to make sure every load comes out clean. We’ve all learned our share of laundry tidbits meant to achieve a better clean – but with Samsung’s powerful QuickDrive™ washing machine designed to make your life easier, you can forget these four laundry myths and save time and energy with every load.

More Detergent, More Clean

It seems obvious that adding more detergent to your washing machine will result in a deeper clean; but in reality, the opposite can be true. Adding too much detergent to a load makes it more difficult for your washer to thoroughly rinse it all out, meaning soap residue gets left behind. To help you avoid this common mistake, Samsung’s QuickDrive™ washer is equipped with an Auto Optimal Wash feature that uses four dedicated sensors to automatically dispense the perfect amount of detergent into each load, ensuring that you never overdo it. What’s more, the QuickDrive™ washer comes equipped with Q-Rator, Samsung’s intelligent laundry assistant. Q-Rator includes a smart feature called Laundry Recipe, which recommends optimal washing cycles based on load information such as color, fabric type, and degree of soiling, and eliminating the need for guessing about which cycle is best for each unique load.

A Hot Wash is the Best Wash

Logic would suggest that, as with other cleaning tasks, using hot wateris the best way to ensure that your clothes get as clean as they can. However, using hot water uses more energy than using cold water, and it doesn’t make a noticeable difference in the quality of the wash[1]. The water temperature matters far less than the method of cleaning – and luckily, Samsung has mastered this with the Q-Drum on the QuickDrive™ washer. The Q-Drum is composed of a large main drum with a plate in the back that rotates independently, so clothes move from top to bottom in the drum as well as back and forth, producing double forces that remove dirt thoroughly with an intense washing cycle.

Stop the Cycle, Ruin the Wash

It wouldn’t be a typical day of housework if you didn’t forget at least one stray sock or various other garments when starting a load of laundry. Depending on how long you wait to add forgotten items, doing so can disrupt the cycle – but Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology singlehandedly debunks this laundry myth on the revolutionary AddWash™ model, which features a drop-down door that allows users to add items, detergent, or fabric softener at any time during the cycle without stopping or interrupting it.

The Longer It Takes, the Cleaner It Gets

Another outdated misconception is that the longer a wash cycle takes, the cleaner your clothes will get. Much more important than the length of the cycle is its effectiveness; and with Samsung’s exclusive QuickDrive™ technology, the washer cuts washing time in half without compromising on thoroughness or performance. On its Super Speed setting, a daily load of laundry is completed in just 39 minutes – meaning you’ll spend less time on laundry and more time on the things you enjoy.

Samsung’s QuickDrive™ washing machine makes laundry quick and easy, with fewer steps and shorter cycles. Not only is it fast, but it is also powerful, smart, and versatile – simplifying the process of doing laundry from every angle.

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