Daman marks mothers day with maternity management program launch

Press release
Published March 18th, 2012 - 06:07 GMT

The National Health Insurance Company - Daman announced today the introduction of a Maternity Management program – a complimentary service designed to support women with maternity advice during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

The Maternity Management program will support pregnant women through their pregnancy with useful health, wellness and travel safety tips, precautionary measures to take against pregnancy-related illnesses, and suggestions for relief of pregnancy symptoms and more. In the antenatal stage, new mothers will receive insights into the importance of post-natal examinations and screenings, strategies for coping with postpartum depression, lactation consultation and advice on childcare time management. 

Maternity Management is offered to Daman members during their pregnancy period and for two months post-delivery. Professionals with a medical background, and previous experience in midwifery and obstetrics, will manage the program. 

“Motherhood is an exciting and special time for all family members, but it does not come without hurdles. From health and wellness, to time management skills, our dedicated team of maternity management specialists is ready to help.” Dr. Alfons Grabosch, Daman’s Health Support Manager said. 

“The program is particularly useful to first-time mothers and those living away from their families who would appreciate an on-call professional’s guidance” concluded Dr. Grabosch.

The program launches with a weeklong informational campaign that will take place at selected hospitals in Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain and Dubai from 18 to 22 March to coincide with Mothers Day. 

Maternity Management is the latest addition to Daman’s Health Support programs, which include diabetes, asthma and breast cancer. Members can call the Health Support toll-free number 800-7226 to enroll in the program and keep in contact with the Maternity Management team. 

Mr. Peter Bauer, Chief Services Officer at Daman commented: “We are confident that Maternity Management will prove to be a popular program with our members as we expect 500 women to join within the first month. We have earned invaluable goodwill from our members through the Health Support programs. We plan to continue expanding our portfolio with more programs over the coming months.” 

Daman’s Health Support programs started with a diabetes management program in 2009. The programs offer participating members with access to advisors who can answer questions on their conditions and provide suggestions to improve their lifestyle. 

Background Information

The National Health Insurance Company – Daman

The National Health Insurance Company – Daman is the UAE’s leading specialised health insurer, providing comprehensive health insurance solutions to about 3 million members in the UAE.

Daman is a public joint-stock company that is 80% owned by the Abu Dhabi Government with the remaining 20% owned by Munich Re.

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