Doha Insurance Group Announces Launch of Its New Brand Identity

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Published December 4th, 2017 - 08:27 GMT
Doha Insurance
Doha Insurance

Doha Insurance Group, the leading personal and corporate insurer, has announced the launch of its new brand identity as part of its ongoing expansion strategy to strengthen its position as one of the most innovative, customer focused and pioneering insurance companies in the region and beyond.

The launch of Doha Insurance Group's new brand identity was marked by a celebratory event hosted on November 29 at the company's head office. It was attended by all the staff based in Qatar with executive and senior management team members, including Chairman of the Board Sheikh Nawaf Nasser bin Khaled al Thani and all other esteemed board members.
"The new brand represents a new identity that balances the heritage and roots of the company with the requirements of a regional and future-proof brand," the group said in a statement.

It is also expected to meet the growing and ever-changing insurance needs in the region and strengthen its position in-line with its regional and international expansion plans, the statement added.

"The group's new identity draws its inspiration from its Arabic-Qatari roots. Drawing from its proud Arabian roots and heritage, Qatar is a nation proud of its people and all those who reside here from all over the globe. To reflect this, the new group's logo icon merges the"dal" in Arabic and the letter D in English, forming a circle of protection, and representing the essence of what Doha Insurance stands for. This new embodiment also forms the shape of a closed triangle that depicts a fast-forward motion, true to the pioneering spirit of the group," it said.

Established in 1999, Doha Insurance Group is a national shareholding company engaged in the business of insurance and re-insurance. The company was formed in response to the need for growth in the insurance segment, warranted by accelerated economic expansion in Qatar as well as the enactment of laws encouraging various investments.
"Doha Insurance Group has made great progress on its way to becoming an authority in the insurance segment in the region," said Sheikh Nawaf.

"Today's announcement of the future brand Doha Insurance Group (DIG), a modification of the original Doha Insurance Company (DIC), marks a significant milestone in our history, and underscores the end phase of the restructuring of the Doha insurance Company. As a national company with a long-standing heritage and a proven track record for credibility and financial stability, we continuously look towards contributing to the prosperity and the wellbeing of our community, and are constantly setting new standards for innovation within the insurance sector," he said.

"Our pioneering spirit is what allows us to deliver a wide variety of insurance services. This includes state-of-the-art corporate and individual insurance, offering the most versatile and customised insurance programmes, which correspond to every individual's insurance needs," Sheikh Nawaf added.

Doha Insurance Group aims to educate people on the importance and positive benefits of having insurance in both their personal and professional lives, offer an exciting environment that values and rewards its customers and employees and enhance its clients' satisfaction through tailor-made solutions according to their needs, the statement said.

Bassam Hussein, President of Doha Insurance Group, said,"For more than 17 years, Doha Insurance Group has been steadfast in its commitment of meeting the comprehensive insurance needs of our customers. As we look forward to the future, we know that our continued success rests squarely upon our ability to deliver premium services and solutions in the manner that has made the Doha Insurance Group a leader today, and our aptitude to demonstrate genuine concern for our clients and, above all, to serve them with integrity. 

"We will also be focused, after completing required studies and getting necessary approvals, on implementing the group's expansion strategy across the Middle East, with an eye on expanding internationally into the European market." 
Jassim Ali A al Moftah, CEO of Doha Insurance Group, said,"For many years, DIG has served as a trusted insurance partner to businesses and individuals equally. Our aim for the near future is to be recognized as the most innovative, customer focused and pioneering insurance Group in the region and beyond. 

"And we aim to achieve this through increasing streams of income to the group via launching new products and services that are tailor-made to meet the ever-evolving needs of the market. We also aim to continue with our expansion plan, after completing required studies and getting necessary approvals, to explore branch and distribution channel opportunities and invest in technology to enhance efficiency of our products and solutions to leave a mark on the national institutions regionally and globally."

Throughout the years, Doha Insurance Group has achieved great milestones, which include being listed ONthe Qatari stock market in 2001, establishing the Doha Takaful Islamic insurance branch in 2006 to offer fully integrated Shariah-compliant services and products, and doubling its capital twice from QR180 million in 2008 to QR257 million in 2013, and QR500 million in 2014. 

It has also upgraded the group's financials, which have been recognised by international rating agencies such as Standard & Poor's and A.M, expanded into new markets and business sectors since 2014 and strategically restructure and recruit top executive team members to pursue and implement the group's strategic goals in early 2017.

Supported by highly motivated and well qualified team, Doha Insurance Group is now poised to play a leading role in both the regional and global insurance scene.

Source: Qatar-tribune

Background Information

Doha Insurance

Doha Insurance Company Q.S.C is a Qatari shareholding company registered an incorporated in the state of Qatar under Emiri Decree No. 30 issued on 2nd October 1999, listed on Qatar Exchange, and is engaged in the business of insurance and re-insurance.

The Company was formed in response to the need for growth in the insurance industry, warranted by unprecedented accelerated economic expansion in Qatar as well as the enactment of laws encouraging investments.

During 2006, the Company established an Islamic Takaful branch under the brand name Doha Takaful to carry out insurance and reinsurance activities in accordance with Islamic Sharia principles on a non-usury basis in all areas of insurance.

Supported by highly motivated and well qualified team, Doha Insurance is now poised to play a major role in the Regional and Arab insurance industry.

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