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Published August 21st, 2016 - 07:53 GMT
Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem
Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem

DP World’s announcement of launching a feasibility study to explore the possibility of using high-speed transport technology - Hyperloop - to move containers from Jebel Ali Port to an inland storage depot had a strong echo in the media and have been widely applauded. The announcement concurs with Dubai Future Foundation’s announcement of holding an international competition to design a Hyperloop project allowing people to travel between Dubai and Fujairah in less than 10 minutes.

For the purpose of conducting the feasibility study, DP World signed a memorandum of understanding with Los-Angeles-based Hyperloop One, with an initial focus on moving containers from ships docked at DP World’s flagship Jebel Ali Port via the Hyperloop tube to an inland container depot in Dubai that is 29 km away from the port.

Such a move will place DP World ahead of other users of the Hyperloop technology once the technology sees the light.  

The DP World Group Chairman and CEO and Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, commented, “By embracing high-speed containers transportation technology, DP World once again heads other port operators around the world. The project will be a game changer in the future of transportation industry globally.

“We have learned from HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to foresee the future and have the courage to lead it,” added Bin Sulayem.  

DP World Chairman and CEO added, “We build our investment decisions on our readings of the industry trends and changes. This project will enable us to deliver competitive features to our customers in terms of speeding their operations, which will significantly increase their returns.”

The announcement of such a pioneer futuristic project by DP World has hit headlines of international media. Many outlets stressed that Dubai has what it takes to accomplish the Hyperloop project, with so many advantages including its sophisticated infrastructure, flexible procedures, strategic location, and strong financial standing.   

The US-based Wall Street Journal featured a top story headlined “Hyperloop Technology to Be Studied as Shipping Tool”, quoting Sultan Bin Sulayem as saying: “If Hyperloop works in Jebel Ali, this will re-engineer our thinking world-wide.” The business-focused international daily said the DP World-Hyperloop One partnership is geared at building the futuristic speed-of-sound transportation technology and implementing it initially in the fright sector here in Dubai.

CNBC’s Squawk Alley, a live program dedicated to tech news, commented: “Dubai bets on Hyperloop One”. The show quoted a Hyperloop One official as saying “We’ re not going to let anything get in our way of hitting out milestone and making history and showing that Hyperloop works.”

Fox News also featured a web article under its Technology corner, with a momentous headline: “Is Dubai the First Stop on Hyperloop?”

Russia Today featured a bold headline “Hyperloop One expanding to Dubai”. It said the “Technology that could someday transport people and goods at 1,200kph has expanded to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as Hyperloop One has signed a contract with DP World.” The Russia-based news portal went on to remark that, “By installing Hyperloop, DP World wants to free up space at Jebel Ali. The company is also considering a submerged floating Hyperloop adjacent to its new Terminal 4, built on an artificial island.”

On the other side, the New China news website published an article titled “UAE sharpens competency in handling of containers as global hub”, highlighting the importance of signing a memorandum of understanding between DP World and Hyperloop One to explore the role of innovation in smart transportation solutions like Hyperloop technology to boost the future of world trade. 

SFist posted a momentous headline “Dubai, Not West Coast, May Get First Working Hyperloop”. The story quoted Sultan bin Sulayem as saying, “I believe in the Hyperloop. I believe it’s the future.”

Under a top headline “Hyperloop One could build its first system in Dubai”, the Los Angeles Business Journal commented that “The high-speed transportation startup out of downtown Los Angeles has inked a new partnership with DP World, the third-largest port and terminals operator in the world.”

Global Construction Review, a website specialized in mega engineering and construction projects, featured an story with a headline “DP World Weigh Advantages of freight Hyperloop for Dubai”. It said that “Hyperloop One and port operator DP World have agreed to fund a feasibility study into the costs and benefits of using the vacuum-tube maglev technology to improve freight handling at Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port.”

Business Insider UK also commented on the news with a feature headline: “Hyperloop One could build one of its first systems in Dubai”.

Under a top headline “Dubai’s DP World Assess Hyperloop Transport System”, Gulf Business daily affirmed that Hyperloop One team has the world's leading experts in engineering, technology and transport project delivery, working in tandem with global partners and investors to make Hyperloop a reality … in three initial markets including Dubai.     

Las Vegas Review Journal also had its share of the hot news. The journal featured a full story in which it quoted Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar, saying “We firmly believe that this study is the first step towards the construction of the Hyperloop in Dubai, which could reshape one of the world’s most modern cities and bring even more infrastructure innovation to the United Arab Emirates.” 

American Journal of Transportation commented that the newly signed partnership between DP World and Hyperloop One widens industry leadership and brings new transportation innovation to the Gulf by introducing the revolutionary Hyperloop technology of high-speed freight trains to Dubai. 

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DP World

We began life as a local port operator with our first project, the development of Dubai’s Port Rashid, in 1972. Seven years later we opened Jebel Ali Port, the busiest port outside of Asia and a facility that has propelled us on our journey to becoming a leading enabler of global trade. 


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