Dubai Customs Gears up for Innovation Mondial

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Published February 5th, 2018 - 12:04 GMT
The workshop aimed to review and explore new opportunities and challenges that would transform and reinvent the way Dubai Customs is doing business.
The workshop aimed to review and explore new opportunities and challenges that would transform and reinvent the way Dubai Customs is doing business.

Dubai Customs organized an innovation workshop for 90 directors, heads of business units and innovation professionals from across the organization. The event came in line with the UAE Innovation Month 2018.

The workshop aimed to review and explore new opportunities and challenges that would transform and reinvent the way Dubai Customs is doing business today in order to keep pace with and benefit from the fast changing world of trade and economy. The objective is to find unconventional ways to boosting the UAE’s economic and security welfare.

Six teams were formed to focus on challenges and barriers facing transformation and disruptive innovation in Customs work. Each team worked on one of the identified six main areas, namely, people, operations, external integration, experiences, Dubai trade, and toolkit. 

Organized in collaboration with Hackmasters, a technology and innovation network based in the United Kingdom, the workshop is the first of preparatory activities in the run-up to Innovation Mondial which is set to be held by Dubai Customs over five days this March 25 to 29.

The 5-day Innovation Mondial – the first of its kind on a global customs level – will bring together 300 participants and 30 teams from different DC corporate units who will engage in innovation labs and competitive games. The purpose is to explore gaps, weaknesses and strengths to come up with innovative solutions for the current and future needs and challenges of Customs work. An external jury will assess the propositions. The best feasible ideas and proposals with strong business case should have the potential to create real impact and bring value to the Customs work both locally and worldwide. The winning teams will go to the finals of the Mondial and the winning ideas will be implemented and funded by Dubai Customs.

“Our ultimate objective is to foster an integrated work environment that promotes and keeps the culture of innovation alive by incubating innovative ideas with great potential to transform our business models and processes to be able to simulate the future now, in line with mandate of Dubai 10X,” said Sultan bin Sulayem, chairman of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation.

This would allow us in Dubai and the UAE not only to stay relevant and competitive and gain an edge on the great possibilities of the future but also to be a key player in creating that future, he added.

Director of Dubai Customs Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, said: “We at Dubai Customs are committed to building human capabilities through an effective and sustained culture of innovation that would enable our employees to go the extra mile into creating transformational innovations in customs operations and services.

“The outcomes for nation’s trade and business growth would be definitely tremendous.”

The Innovation Mondial is meant to create an unconventional eco-system of innovation for employees to pitch and discuss cutting-edge ideas and state-of-the-art solutions for the inevitable challenges of a transformative future that will help Dubai Customs stay in the lead of Customs work globally, said Ahmed Abdul Salam Kazim, director of Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department at Dubai Customs

Background Information

Dubai Customs

Dubai Customs is one of the leading government departments taking part in enhancing sustainable development and promoting Dubai’s image worldwide, turning it into a principal capital, business and tourism destination, as it facilitates smooth movement of legitimate trade and leverages economic and social development, the matter which is consistent with its slogan stating "gateway to Dubai’s prosperity", because prosperity is usually based on free trade through a safe, fast and practical environment to meet the needs of people and adapt to their requirements. This in addition to DC’s main role to protect society and borders against those who try to smuggle prohibited substances to or through Dubai threatening the community safety and security.

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