Dubai Exports Announces Dubai Green Industrial Awards 2020 Winners at Gulfood

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Published February 23rd, 2021 - 09:54 GMT
Dubai Exports Announces Dubai Green Industrial Awards 2020 Winners at Gulfood
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Dubai Exports, the export promotion agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, marked its participation at Gulfood

Dubai Exports, the export promotion agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, marked its participation at Gulfood, the world’s largest annual food & beverage trade show, by announcing the winners of the third edition of the Dubai Green Industrial Awards, aimed to encourage industries in Dubai to grow sustainably and in line with the vision of the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030. The opening day of Gulfood also witnessed Dubai Exports launching the revamped version of its ‘Exporters’ Gateway,’ a knowledge platform that uses an innovative mix of digital content and technical solutions to serve exporters in the UAE.

KIMOHA won the Gold Star in Green Industrial Awards 2020 while the Silver Star went to Standard Carpets and the Bronze Star to Unilever. The Awards, instituted jointly with the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) and TAQATI, honours industries that achieve appreciable reduction in their power and water consumption and thereby in their net carbon footprint.

“Dubai not only launches strategic plans for diverse sectors and industries but also aligns these strategies towards the larger goal of positioning the city as a preferred hub for people and business. The Dubai Green Industrial Awards represents such an effort to align the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 with the emirate’s efforts to grow sustainably and optimise clean energy adoption,” Engineer Saed Al Awadi, CEO of Dubai Exports said congratulating the winners of the Awards.

“One of the milestones set in the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 is to have 25% of the total energy output in Dubai from clean and renewable sources by 2030. As the agency co-ordinating the efforts to achieve the targets of the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, Dubai Exports believes the city evolving into a global platform for knowledge-based, sustainable and innovation-focused businesses has remarkable opportunities for businesses, industries and communities locally. We are delighted to see businesses and organisations in Dubai embracing a sustainability culture, which was evident in all three editions of the Dubai Green Industrial Award,” added Al Awadi.

The Green Industrial Awards 2020 had 10 applicants from the manufacturing and industrial sectors in Dubai. In addition to the reduction achieved in electricity and water consumption as well as carbon footprint, the applicants are also evaluated for their energy management policies and practices  and commitment to using alternate energy sources, recycling, and waste management.

KIMOHA, established in 1988, is a pioneer in paper products and packaging applications and has grown into a major provider of Auto ID equipment, solutions and products, especially baggage tags and boarding passes for the aviation industry. UAE-based Standard Carpets has one of the largest carpet manufacturing facilities in the world and is the region’s only producer of vinyl backed carpet tiles. Unilever operates the first Lipton factory in the UAE and one of the largest tea factories globally, exporting the ‘Made in UAE’ label to more than 30 countries across six continents.

Dubai Exports is participating in the annual Gulfood as part of its efforts to highlight the world-class capabilities of the manufacturing and foods sectors in the UAE before the global community of buyers, manufacturers and distributors attending the event and to enable local food exporters  to connect with potential customers and partners. Gulfood 2021 has 198 UAE firms participating among 2,500 companies from 85 countries. 

“Our efforts in enabling exporters and manufacturers in the UAE to identify and penetrate new markets is encapsulated in the ‘Exporters’ Gateway’ and we are delighted to present its revamped  version at Gulfood 2021. The new format of this innovative and dynamic portal brings added features and services to support exports of varied products out of Dubai and accelerate economic diversification in Dubai ” said Al Awadi.   

Businesses in the UAE can use the  portal - - to identify export opportunities, promote diverse products, access international markets, choose optimal trading partners  and obtain updated information and statistics on potential markets and their dynamics on a daily basis. The Gateway also provides export guides and tools that assist exporters in estimating freight and insurance costs, as well as determining the distance and shipping time between international ports. 

The new version of the portal has added information on 20 markets and six sectors, bringing the total to 60 markets and 13 sectors altogether, and also added a tariff tool to determine costs in addition to the facility to search HSCODE (Harmonised System CODE) products. Exporters can also depend on the Gateway for market analysis reports, which will provide updated information about the economy, trade, population, labour force and risk index in their target markets.

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Department of Economic Development

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the government body entrusted to set and drive the economic agenda of the emirate of Dubai, UAE. The DED supports the structural transformation of Dubai into a diversified, innovative service-based economy that aims to improve the business environment and accelerate productivity growth.

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