Dubai Exports Spreads Local Fragrances to Brazil

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Published March 11th, 2018 - 09:37 GMT
Mohammed Al Kamali, Deputy CEO of Dubai Exports
Mohammed Al Kamali, Deputy CEO of Dubai Exports

Dubai Exports, the export promotion agency of Dubai Economy, through its overseas trade office (OTO) in Brazil, has supported the successful expansion of the local fragrances sector to the promising markets in Latin America.  

Dubai Exports along with its OTOs is consolidating the strengths of the local fragrances sector and its growing appetite for exporting into a strong platform capable of sustaining the emirate’s reputation as a trading hub. Mohammed Al Kamali, Deputy CEO of Dubai Exports said that the knowledge, expertise and on-the-ground support provided by Dubai Exports serve to bridge many gaps for local exporters and enable them to successfully penetrate markets overseas.

“An important aspect of entering new markets is to be well-prepared and informed so as to develop a strategy that allows them to become successful. Successful exporters seek to undertake extensive market research and prepare an efficient export plan. However, very often companies, particularly small and medium sized firms, lack such resources. Prohibitive costs and distance make an overseas presence unthinkable for them too. The role of our OTOs is to bridge such gaps, increase the global competitiveness of exporters and to raise general market awareness of UAE products,” said Al Kamali.

Al Kamali pointed to the ‘Fragrance and Allied Sectors Capability Report’ that Dubai Exports compiled in 2016 to highlight capabilities in Dubai’s fragrances, beauty and cosmetic sectors, adding that such initiatives have been instrumental in encouraging perfumeries in the UAE to venture out, with generous support from the overseas offices of Dubai Exports.

Fuzail Ahmad, General Manager of IFI Perfumes Trading, which is exporting to Brazil from the UAE, remarked: “In fact, Brazil is one of the world’s largest consumers of cosmetics and beauty care. The overseas trade office of Dubai Exports has assisted a number of companies like us to enter and make a mark in Brazil, which itself is a leading manufacturer and exporter of cosmetics and beauty products.”

The Dubai Exports OTO network also plays a major role in the rising number of international importers and regional markets like Egypt competitively sourcing varied products from Dubai. Recently, Dubai Exports opened its eighth OTO in Hong Kong, thus establishing an efficient gateway and resource centre for UAE exporters targeting the high-growth markets in Asia and the Far East.

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Dubai Exports strives to ensure the success of the exports sector in Dubai and the UAE, providing constant guidance, advice and practical support to both overseas buyers and suppliers.We develop long-term growth strategies to help businesses expand and maximise their opportunities given by Dubai’s unique position as a natural trade gateway between the East and the West.

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