Dubai Ladies Club launches the coveted Los Angeles Personal Training Program

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Published February 10th, 2013 - 09:14 GMT

Last week Dubai Ladies Club, a member of Dubai Women Establishment, unveiled its newly revamped Personal Training Program, powered by Los Angeles Personal Training (LAPT). At the launch event members and guests had the opportunity to learn about the new Personal Training packages and experience some of the added benefits that are associated with the newly acquired LAPT certification.

The key highlight of the project is the introduction of the famed Los Angeles Personal Training (LAPT) programme for the first time in the Middle East – exclusively available through Dubai Ladies Club. Moreover, the club will house the world's largest team of female LAPT trainers under one roof; providing women of any fitness level a cutting edge personal training experience comparable to the best in the world. There is a package for everyone who wants to experience this renowned training programme.

Commenting on the occasion, Muna Bin Kalli, Executive Director of Dubai Ladies Club said, “Innovation has always been an important part of Dubai Ladies Club. Continuous growth, development and

Implementation of new ideas is at the heart of many of the major steps we have taken for the sake of our members. And in 2013, we intend to maintain our position as a leader in our field, with the introduction of LAPT – for the first time in the UAE and the Middle East.”

She added, “As the exclusive licensed outlet for LAPT, our revamped Personal Training sessions will enable our members to enjoy a level of personal training that has only been experienced by the most high-profile Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck to name a few. LAPT is for anyone who would like to get to the next level of physical well being. And I encourage all ladies to come experience this world-class program for themselves.”

LAPT Training was initially designed for celebrities in Hollywood. The United States, and especially Los Angeles (LA), is the birthplace of Personal Training (PT) where PT was exclusively available for movie stars and VIPs. In LAPT, personal trainers establish a personal training schedule in consultation with the patrons and work closely together to achieve the goals. This goes beyond basic fitness instruction. A personal trainer will work in a more personal way and paying much closer attention to the progress of their clients including their nutrition, which will help to achieve faster results.

The “LAPT Touch” includes several benefits that transcend beyond the setting of the health club – giving a higher and never-seen-before standard of VIP treatment during each session. Moreover, it is important to note that these custom-made programs do not measure personal training sessions in units of time. Depending on the each clients individual needs and capability, a session can range anywhere from 20 to 120 minutes. Much is dependant of the Personal Trainer’s assessment of her clients needs and capabilities. Nonetheless, each session ensures fun working out and building up a bond with a Personal Trainer which is lacking in other fitness trainings.

As a women’s only recreational facility, Dubai Ladies Club has been committed to the health and wellbeing of its guests and staff. Motivated by the belief that every woman must have time for herself - time to clear her mind, recharge her confidence, vitality, and independence, fuelled by a stronger body, more stamina, and overall wellbeing - Dubai Ladies Club aims to serve as an inspirational women's fitness and wellbeing environment dedicated to her whole being.

Moreover, since its inception in 2003, Dubai Ladies Club has consistently worked towards improving the quality of life of Emirati and expatriate women living in the UAE through in-house events, facilities and pilot projects. The events span the fields of art, culture, fitness and educational seminars. It also has a long standing history of focussing on Emirati women’s overall development, and has consistently promoted Emirati talents through a number of educational and career-oriented professional programmes to open avenues for women to channelize their strengths and contribute effectively to the social and economic progress of the UAE.

Background Information

Dubai Ladies Club

Overlooking the golden sands of the exquisite Jumeirah coastline, Dubai Ladies Club offers you an escape to a unique sanctuary of tranquility, relaxation and luxury. Sure to meet the needs of every woman, Dubai Ladies Club offers a combination of modern, world-class facilities and services, from the Moroccan-inspired Al Asalla spa, fully-equipped fitness centre and swimming pools, to private beach access, outdoor jogging tracks and sport courts, and hosts a variety of engaging events and activities all year round. Your home away from home, Dubai Ladies Club offers the culinary delights of various restaurants and cafés, and members can also enjoy some retail therapy at a wide range of leading shops housed at the club.

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