Dubai Sports Council Ushers UAE Sports Into the Future Through Gene Analysis

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Published September 5th, 2018 - 09:48 GMT
Participants in Dubai Sports Council’s “Future Goalkeepers Programme” will become the first sportsmen in UAE to get their genes analysed.
Participants in Dubai Sports Council’s “Future Goalkeepers Programme” will become the first sportsmen in UAE to get their genes analysed.

Sports in the UAE is set to take a major leap into the future following Dubai Sports Council’s deal with Finland-based biotechnology firm Evogenom Oy, which will introduce the country’s sports sector to the world of genomics and genetic testing for the first time.

Genomics has been gaining traction in the world of sports, developing rapidly as a field of research that provides athletes with a better understanding of their bodies and, hence, is beneficial in protecting young athletes from serious injury.

And Dubai Sports Council, a frontrunner in embracing the latest scientific developments in the world of sports, are the first to introduce this fascinating new research to the UAE sports fraternity through their partnership with Evogenom Oy.

Christened the “Future Sports Genes” project, the programme will be run under the wings of the Council’s Sports Development Department and the DSC will be collaborating with partners from across the globe to derive maximum benefits from it.

Budding young glovemen from DSC’s “Future Goalkeepers Programme” will be the first to be tested under this project and, at the same time, the Council will be encouraging local clubs to communicate directly with representatives of Evogenom Oy in Dubai and agree a deal to conduct tests on their players.

The DSC has adopted this programme because, as per latest studies, genetic profiling is “an essential tool for proper athletic activity and sport selection, as well as for the formulation of individualised and personalised training and nutritional programmes for optimising health and performance for the athlete” as it arms athletes with information like: the effects of power and endurance training, and the effects of exercise on their blood pressure, their fat and weight management.

“We are delighted to work with Dubai Sports Council, which sponsors sport, recognises the importance of this latest development and provides support and development for it,” said Hannu Tolvanen, CEO of Evogenom Oy.

“The list of genetic predispositions is long. Gene analysis can offer almost unlimited opportunities for personal development and well-being. Gene analysis provides tangible benefits for instance to training and recovery. The analysis can also provide reliable and safe medicine recommendations.

“The list of data provided by Evogenom is up to 700,000 points of detailed information about the athlete. So it provides a comprehensive data on lifestyle, the quality of nutrition and the proportion of salts and minerals needed, along with the exercise and sport that is best suited to each person.

“The information available is huge and it reduces the chances of muscle injury and accelerates the duration of treatment.”

Tolvanen confirmed all tests will remain confidential, and the results and recommendations will be accessible only to official sports authorities.

Background Information

Dubai Sports Council

Dubai Sports Council referred to hereinafter as DSC was founded in Nov. 30th 2005 as per a decree issued by UAE Vice- President, Prime Minister, Dubai Ruler H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

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